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  1. Hi sorry if I'm out of place here but I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this is a cheap or expensive pocket watch, it belongs to a friend of mine but I lost the piece connecting the chain to the watch and also wondering how much that would cost to replace, I tried looking the watch up online but couldn't find anything on it. Heres an image I took off it, I couldn't get the image URL to work so I just copied pasted it here. https://postimg.cc/image/4ir8nzusx/ https://s8.postimg.cc/g7v8bylrp/IMG_0640.jpg Maybe this link will work Honestly have no idea how to get the links to the picture to work... hold on Hopefully this one works https://postimg.cc/image/4ir8nzusx/ That was embarrassing but here it's is
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