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  1. very pleased with this watch however the band isnt adjustable and is a little too tight on the wrist of my now wife! Whats the best way to find something to replace the band? Id like something stainless, but im guessing matching the lug size is going to be difficult with a watch this size? thanks
  2. Received My pocket watch back from service today, Very Pleased, I believe Simon had quite the task on his hands to get this running again, but it is running well now. The tick is much louder than any of my pocket watches, quite satisfying!
  3. Thats great thanks for finding that, interesting, its very similar other than the hands. I hadn't noticed the omega logo in the crystal, well spotted. She has helped put money towards one of my favorate watches for the wedding which is a new Omega moon watch, so I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on it on the day, but finding a matching 1960 Geneve would be pretty cool. Also for the day i bought myself a 98 year old Pocket watch, I posted about here: I've just received it back from service today and I'm very happy with it.
  4. I Just picked up this watch on ebay for what seems like a very reasonable price and I must admit im very impressed with the condition of it, it looks like it needs servicing as its running fast but otherwise its appears to be in great condition. to my untrained eye it looks like it might even be mostly original, I purchased it for my fiance for a gift on our wedding day, I've been getting in to old watches and thought it would be nice for her to have something of my interest of her own. I hope she likes it! Its a 681 Movement, from my "fact" finding on the internet I would say the hands a
  5. can you still buy that new? or is it somehting you woudl need to buy second hand i can see mention of the 3573.50 and the 3570 but searching those doesnt make it easy to find new as the shops dont appear to list them that way
  6. yes I quite like the one with the is it speedmaster or seamaster logo on the back without the nasa writing, but id prefer to have the stainless bracelet and remove it than not have it, i also too like the clear back to show the moevent, I assume its easier to see the movement without the automatic's weight moving around in the way. any idea if the movements and design is the same on the two above except for the writing and caseback? can you buy them with the clear back installed?
  7. Im looking to buy a moonwatch ready for my wedding in july, always loved conversation piece watches and a big fan of NASA and very interested in the apollo era, so I cant think of a better watch to get. im after something new, and im trying to find the correct watch for me. can anyone tell me what the idfference is in the casebacks of some of the watches? these two watches have different case back, but claim to both be moon watches, at fisrt i thought the price difference was just from the bracelet, but the case back makes me think different? https://www.beaverbrooks.co.uk/0010263/Omega-S
  8. Hi Simon, I have sent you a parcel. thanks https://www.collectplus.co.uk/track/5w1ecen
  9. Do you mean here? yes In fact a quick google of the 910, shows it is where you mean here is another 910 with the bolt in place
  10. well Ive just taken some of my own pictures of the watch, and think i may have found at least whats stopping it from ticking, take a look at the photo below to see if you can spot it. can you see it? this might make it easier: Yes it looks like there is a lose screw jammed into the mechanism, top left of the above image, im not convinced its even from this watch. here is a small gif of the balance wheel moving just because i have it: Here is another photo of the front of the watch where you can better make out the blueish colour of the hands in direct light
  11. Hi simon, I've actually picked up another non running watch, this time a pocket watch, id love to have it running again, do you think you could have a look at this at the same time as the other one if i send them both together? I've posted the details of it here: Thanks
  12. Ive been looking for a pocket watch to use for my wedding coming up in June (and for other events where i get to wear a suit etc. I really like the traceability of the hamilton watches, and like the american built movement. I like a conversation piece if nothing else. I found this one for sale on ebay and had to have it despite it not actually working. According to the serial number on the movement 1934608 its roughly 1922 built https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/search/result/hamilton/1934608 so 97 years old. its gold or silver filled with the 25 year guarantee stamp, its silver in c
  13. I've not sent this yet due to finances, would you still be available to take a look at it @simon2?
  14. Hi Simon, thats sounds a lot more reasonable, Can I send it to you and how? thanks
  15. Hi Simon, I cant PM you due to being new on the forum. I recently pciked up a hamilton Nordon, Gold filled watch from america for about £60, its a small nice looking watch, However. when I got it home it would wind fine, but it wont tick, it was ticking before shipping. I took it to a place that wanted £250 for a full service including main spring replacment but im not even sure they opened it up. The watch was serviced and timed up before shipping and im reluctant to send it back. obvisouly im not after a cheap or free repair, it costs what it costs, but payingn 4 times whats its worth f
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