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  1. Nigelp Many Thanks for the info I shall possibly purchase this tomorrow but would still be keen on repairing also once again thanks a fantastic reply from you Kind regards Pete
  2. Good evening all I have have had this watch since the late 1980s it no longer runs I have sent this to seiko who have stated spares are no longer available the watch has ran without missing a beat since I purchased it until recently Is there anyone else that can possibly help me please the watch has a 24hr face and only sweeps once each day ie 3am = 6am ie everything doubled Kind regards Pete
  3. Evening I has an old 70s watch that would not work I found this guy with some help from the forum drop him a line and he will reply I have had the watch repaired by a lovely gentleman in Germany called Hannos his web site is called strikesandspares.eu/ fantastic to get it working again
  4. Many Thanks to the members who have replied to my earlier questions regarding my LED watch problems I can now confirm that I have had the watch repaired by a lovely gentleman in Germany called Hannos his web site is called strikesandspares.eu/ and well worth a look at https://photos.app.goo.gl/fgQAXTRLAMQjfMsn9 was the photos b4 repair I was a little nervous at sending my watch to Germany, Hanno informed me by email on its arrival and work takes between 5/10days and a couple of days posting back, he advised me of the fault and costs to which I agreed he then repaired the
  5. Many thanks Always Watching for the reply effort and details Much appreciated Thanks Roodie
  6. Thomas'r many thanks for the information I shall continue to search and let u know if I get lucky kind regards pete
  7. https://photos.app.goo.gl/fgQAXTRLAMQjfMsn9 I hope this link connects to my photo of the Regency watch I purchased in the 1970s top r/h side is the button recalling the time / date in red on the lower left hand side there is a recessed button used for adjustments ( from recall of my memory ) On the reverse side of the watch it states case made in Switzerland no other markings it does have two battery screws with slots and states battery and open with an arrow showing opening direction I believe that the pcb may be damaged by the insertion of an oversized battery
  8. Many thanks for the reply I am trying to upload a photo of the watch please bear with me regards Pete
  9. Anyone know who made this watch and can I get the PCB repaired or replaced I shall try and up load a photo if I can regards PETE
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