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  1. Unfortunately, I do not have your address so would be much appreciated if you let me have it.also if you want to contact me my email address is moores411@btinternet.com then I could send up the Tissot & Smiths pocket watch and I could email you pictures of the pocket watch that may be salvageable or not all the very best Jimmy
  2. I'm interested in having a couple of watches service by you, one is tessot viscdate seastar which also could do with the new glass, Smiths pocket watch service and new glass. I also have a pocket watch that is in a very bad state on the motion says Swiss made 15 jewels and 431 on the outside of the case it is stamped with GS/TP with the government broad arrow beneath it, and what I presume to be a serial number 202341.which I would like your opinion on whether it is salvageable. I have tried to upload pictures but unfortunately , it is beyond me not that good with computers. thanking you in advance for reply Jimmy
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