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  1. My mistake I just realised I neglected one
  2. Assuming the I've posted the photos correctly this is the watch in question
  3. Let's try posting these again shall we: This is the first watch I was given it belonged to my Great-Grandfather I This all of them except for two which are currently not in my possession at the moment
  4. @WRENCH sorry about that let me try posting them again
  5. Hello all, I recently acquired this watch from eBay, unfortunately the seller knew virtually nothing about the origins or authenticity of it. The little information that the seller had included that the watchmaker (Martineau) was active in London from circa. 1744 to 1770. In my own research I found virtually the same thing as the seller. Like many things online sometimes knowing the right question is half the battle which is where I'd like some assistance. If anyone has any information about the watchmaker or any ideas where I could start making inquiries I would be most appreciative. Thank you
  6. Hello, my name is Alexander I am a 32 year old pharmacy technician. I am originally from Canada, but currently live in the United States. I am rather new to watch collecting and repair, but have always had an interest in mechanical objects. My small collection consists primarily of pocketwatches from the latter half of the nineteenth century. I do own two or three pocketwatch from the pre-war era and one watch from the late eighteenth century. My repair experience is extremely limited. I am certain that I will be asking many questions and will be happy for any advise I am given.
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