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  1. To be honest with you I do the same, I take it for granted that a watch described as 'spares or repair' may be a 'project' and as such may require a movement. This why I stick to Seiko Group watches as I can get new movements and they are easy to fit, I actively hunt for non working/spares or repair Seiko based watches. I also only bid what I am prepared to lose with a spares or repair watch.
  2. I just don't understand that if you describe a watch as not working that the buyer can make a return request to Ebay as the watch is as described i.e. not working. What this means is that no matter you write in the description however fair and accurate that the buyer can ask for a return and refund at your cost.
  3. I thought that everyone considering selling any of the watches on Ebay should be aware that selling with even the most thorough description does not protect you from some buyers. Lets take the often used phrase 'spares or repair' this to me lets any potential bidder know that the watch is sold with any and all existing faults and may not work. The problem comes when the buyer puts a new battery in the watch and finds that it does not work, I thought that my description of 'spares or repairs' offered me some protection as it states the watch may not work. An Ebay buyer can demand that the seller pays for the return of the watch and then issue a refund because the watch described as 'Spares or repair' does not function. After a discussion with someone from Ebay today I can take this scenario a little further. Lets say you sold a watch as 'not working' and the buyer gets the watch, puts a battery in it and guess what...it's not working, they can open a return case with Ebay and yet again the seller would have to pay for the watch to be returned to them and arrange a refund. Just wated you to know that the protection which I had always thought was fair with Ebay is more fair to buyers than sellers.
  4. They are quite a 'chunky' wear, but, even though I am not a fan of bi-metal or gold watches it does look well on the wrist. I am always pleased to see someone who loves the Seiko Group, they've made some fine watches over the years. This my second 'bad buyer' on Ebay, the first being someone who demanded one of the two watches he bought for free as the watch bracelets didn't fit him even though the approx. bracelet size was in the description. He said that he had taken the watches to a jeweller and they had 'inspected' the split pins and found that they were all faulty so he said he would need to buy new bracelets for the two watches. I said I would replace all the split pins as a gesture of goodwill even though I did not think it was possible for all the split pins to be faulty or that anyone could visually inspect split pins unless they were falling out. He sent me some rather 'shitty' messages, but, I stood my ground, and, 3 months later it was sort of dealt with, however, the negative review was still on there other than the comments were removed. I am always honest with the description, but, it does appear that the sellers that write the least 'condition is used' get the most cover as a seller.
  5. I think Nigelp may be correct with this one, 'spares or repairs' may not mean anything in the eyes of Ebay and they may push me to do a full refund after return. I just wonder what the IQ score was for the buyer of this watch, my exact wording was 'untested so being sold as spares or repair' I fail to see how replacing a battery could be classed as a repair? If I see a watch being sold as 'spares or repair' on Ebay (and there are currently nearly 2500 listed) I bid accordingly as there is a possibility it may not work. You have to wonder what sort of description covers you for buyers who don't understand 'spares or repair', if there was a car listed on Ebay listed as spares or repair would a buyer be entitled to a refund because they had put fuel in the car and found that it was faulty and didn't work. Is it worth the hassle selling on Ebay? I'm starting to wonder.
  6. Has made me think about my future descriptions of watches on ebay, 'spares or repair' might turn into 'not working, for parts or repair' the trouble is that I don't even know if that's good enough for Ebay
  7. or a discount as a gesture of goodwill? My thoughts are that gestures of goodwill count for nothing on Ebay
  8. That seems a wee bit unfair for the seller, so a buyer can get a refund/return no matter what your description states? A watch sold as 'untested, spares or repair' could be returned by a buyer because it does not work? It may be the last 'untested, spares or repair' watch I sell on Ebay.
  9. Just sold off some watches that I got as a joblot with a watch I wanted (wanted Pulsar Y182, got a whole load of rubbish watches in with the joblot) I have just received a return request from a buyer who bought a Police Chronograph Watch which I sold as 'untested so being sold as spares or repair' and they are complaining it doesn't work after trying to put a battery in it. If I buy a watch on Ebay described as 'spares or repair' I take it for granted that there may be faults with it, Does make you wonder what you have to write on a description.
  10. 7T42's are a little rarer than the 7T32's, I only have this one 7T42, but, I have 21 x 7T32 based watches. This 7T42 is boxed, with instructions and yet on Ebay nobody is prepared to go past £50 ish for it, I'd rather keep it than sell it for £50, I've seen them go for £125 in worse condition, unboxed, and, no instructions. Ebay is a strange place to sell watches.
  11. Seiko 7T42-6A00, far better on slate than my hairy arm
  12. You have just sent me on a magical mystery tour of Nelson and Colne. Many, many, years back I was a Sales Rep for Stanley Tools and I was convinced I visited a DIY shop in an old mill building that had kitchens and bathrooms upstairs, I was sure it was in Nelson or Colne. I have spent a good while hunting it down on Google Maps only to realise that the place was in Darwen. Old age is getting the better of me! Nice to see Nelson all the same.
  13. That's different, that dial is amazing!
  14. Another day, another poor quality photo. I didn't buy a Tudor 1926 based on the watch you're wearing. Tissot Powermatic 80 approx £495.00 Tudor 1926 approx £1370 Quite a difference, and, the movement may be better in the Tissot depending on your opinion.
  15. To be very honest with you the only poor quality watches I have are the 'junk' watches that come with buying joblot of watches. I might find one watch I really want, but, have to buy the other 10 watches that are worthless. I have bought quite a lot of 'not currently working' and 'spares or repair' watches which is just a part of collecting and repairing older watches. I don't think I have been unlucky enough to buy fakes, but, I did buy some JDM Seiko's which were about the right price, but, because they were discontinued when I bought them (SARB017, SARB033, SARB065) these are watches that did concern me when I bought them. I do remember those watches being sold at motorway services in the 1990's, I nearly bought one at Leicester Services. Whether cheap or expensive all watches tell the time, but some watches also tell a story, my guess is that your dad's Claude Valentini has a story to tell.
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