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  1. A nice looking watch, 1960's? there or there abouts? Have you found out much about it from any serial numbers etc...
  2. Totally agree stdape on this one, if the balance wheel is working fine then it is a case of working backwards to the mainspring via the train wheels. So many areas that could need a dab of oil to allow everything to run smoothly. A good clean and oil gets most movements running unless there is something more serious to sort out, but, if your movement is running for a couple of hours then it can't be anything too serious.
  3. Just in by the skin of it's teeth at 1988. two years is just enough.
  4. The Rodania company started in April 1948 so I would agree with Solar Pilgrim and say late 50's early 60's. With the Eden because the movement is not shown I would again say 1960's mainly due to style of case and hand shapes. You may not get an exact date for these watches but there are some good websites out there so you can narrow it down to 5 years or so if you can identify the movements.
  5. As a guess I would say 1920's - 1940's, need a look at the movement for numbers as vinn has already said.
  6. September 1967 Seiko 5 DX...and a hairy arm!
  7. True, I have seen these 'Indian' specials available from Ireland, Spain, and, a few other countries, I have seen individual ones up for sales which have clearly been bought from the 'India' Ebay outlet and then sold on when they find out they have bought some junk. It is sad for collectors who buy in good faith, but, it really is a case of buyer beware.
  8. Font is not right at all, I have seen these 'Indian' Seiko's on Ebay, some of them look quite good to be fair, but, as soon as I see the 'sent form India' I just scroll past. There are so many on Ebay, someone must be buying them, what a shame for them when they open up the back to find it is a 'frankenwatch'
  9. Here is a little secret, go to any shop that sells lighter fluid, and, also buy an essence jar. Put enough lighter fluid into the jar just enought to cover the movement, and, remove any dial, but, enamel are ok to leave on if you feel confident. If it is just dust, skin, and, other debris the movement should kick back into life given a little shake. Lighter fluid was used by miners to flush out coal dust from their pocket watches. I have revived a number of watches this way just to find out if they are worth repairing. The lighter fluid will remove any oils so it would need a service after this to replace oils. In great condition....the watch and the steam engine!
  10. They made millions of watch movements, I would avoid 7 jewel movements, go for 15 jewels whenever possible, and, make sure the balance wheel is in good order. I bought this recently as a 'non runner' for £15.00. Star Watch Case Co. Cushion case and a 15 jewel movement made 1889, quick clean and it is running as sweet as a nut. Sorry about the picture quality. That is such a bonny watch!
  11. I would recommend an Elgin every time, stunning movements, normally good prices, and, there are a good few of them out there. Sorry about the photo quality.
  12. My first posting of photos on Sunday Oldies so I thought I would start with some of the oldest (but not the oldest) of my collection. From left to right...Rolex 1916, Elgin 1916, Rolex 1926
  13. There was a time when I really didn't like a 'tropical' dial, but, now I think it adds so much to the look of a watch. That is a beautiful watch, has the case been refinished?
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