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  1. I will not complain again, I have a decent number to change, but not that amount. On daylight saving... I feed the birds in my garden every morning, they chirp outside the bedroom window at the same time every morning asking to be fed. My observation is that in a bird's mind daylight saving doesn't exist. Time may be relative, relative to how hungry the birds are.
  2. I bought a SARB 017, SARB 033, SARB 035, and a SARB 065 for the grandchildren (one each) I thought they might be worth something in 20 years time as totally unused all as full sets. Who knows what they will be worth long term, but a little bit more interesting than just transferring some money into their bank accounts. I have been really tempted to try them on, but I have managed to resist...so far.
  3. I didn't even know they made this version, it's a cool looking version, beautiful dial, and I think I prefer it without the compass tbh.
  4. Totally agree with you, I can see why people like them, but they are just not for me. Jody on Just One More Watch loves that style, and I know they sell by the bucket load. Personally I prefer this for £33.00 (when 4mazon have it on sale)
  5. Have a great Sunday...nice sunny in Moray today.
  6. Two for me, both Seiko watches from September 1967, the one above, and a 7625-8041 which I am going to sell as I just don't like it as much as I love the watch above. The 7625 is a good watch, but I like the fact that the 6106 hacks, and the date change is much easier. Enjoy your weekend
  7. Month and Year for this one... Seiko 6106-8000 made September 1967 Not bad for 52 years old, same can't be said for the owner
  8. I am currently developing a fatness tracker, I am worried about calling it either BIT FAT or FAT SH!T, my concern is that FIT BIT may take me to court. You enjoy your 'watch' Davey, even though that watch can do more things than Batman's utility belt.
  9. Just like the Seiko Kinetic Auto Relay, sit it a drawer and it sleeps for upto 4 YEARS and springs back to life (and the right time) with a little shake. A very clever watch movement.
  10. And the prize of nothing goes to... Well done! I completely agree with you about the centre seconds, and the tachymeter issue. I bought as I liked the fact that it is really legible, I have such bad eyesight now so having watch that I can tell the time without my glasses on is very handy. I know what you mean about chronographs...I love them, but how often do I use that function? NEVER! A completely useless function I never use, but I like the look of chronograph watches. This Fossil Decker could have been a good watch, but it is let down by the wrong movement for a tachyme
  11. Sorry...no cigar. (merged message?) I bought it as a 'beater' and I have owned this brand before, but sold the watch I had having only worn it a couple of times. I regretted selling it so I decided to get something from the same brand. I think it makes a nice beater watch, looking forward to putting it on a NATO strap.
  12. But can you tell what it is though??? Not a competition, no prize for getting it right.
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