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  1. I am out of my depth with this one, but to be very honest I can't fault your logic on this one. It is a really interesting piece, but sadly my powers of deduction can reveal no more than you have found out. What a fantastic timepiece to own...beautiful.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't think of a better watch to wear on your birthday. All the best.
  3. Ok...send me your address Joking, but I am impressed.
  4. Well done!!! It was prompted by a watch that I had seen online, I am lucky enough to have loads of of Seiko chronographs to 'tinker' about with so I decided to swap a few movements around. Well spotted though, I am very impressed that you noticed, sadly no prize, but I am impressed you noticed it was 'different' It is a 7T62-0CV0 'Daytona' with a dial from a 7T32-7C60 'Panda'
  5. Old photo, but wearing this today. Seiko 7625-1994, made January 1969
  6. Wow that site has some amazing filters! I will change the aftershave and try again later
  7. ??? Access denied, What happened? The owner of this website (amjwatches.co.uk) has banned you temporarily from accessing this website. Never bought from them before, never visited their site before. This happened to anyone else???
  8. Gruen would have been one of these other companies, and others... I wonder if there is anything under the dial, Aegler usually have more information under the dial than on the bridges (other than when they were plastering 'Rolex' everywhere for Mr Wilsdorf) Stay safe
  9. I own a Handley cased Rolex from the 1920's-1930's which sadly is not in as good condition as yours. The cartouche on the movement, is that an Aegler cartouche? I'm no expert on movement markings, but I did have a look and found nothing that matches the one on the train bridge. It is a beautiful watch. Mine didn't fair so well in the hot, moisture laden air of Australia, the back of the case has started to disappear due to contact with skin for many years. Another project watch.
  10. I have a beautiful 1916 Rolex 'Trench Watch' which could really do with a professional service, and I would love to know where I could get it serviced. It has one slight issue that I know of which is the mainspring. It could do with going on a mainspring winder to tighten it up, but I did not see the point of buying one just to fix this watch only. The one on the left is the Rolex needing the service. (Rolex, Elgin, Rolex) Any advice regarding servicing, watch repairers that could do this, or cheap mainspring winders would be really appreciated.
  11. My love of the Seiko 7t62 movement means that I have bought Pulsar 7t62 based watches, and Lorus also. The Lorus Fusion range has produced some interesting watches, this is not my favourite watch from the range, but it has 'something' about it. (imo) Yes....the wrong date, the correct date doesn't seem that important at the minute. Stay safe guys!
  12. You don’t sell your cheese? “Five tons a year, I don’t sell it. I give it all away as a present, I give it to charity. Some top chefs ask for it. There’s only one exception – we are in a very famous ski restaurant in St Moritz called El Paradiso. The chef convinced me to sell him 330kg because he wants to offer Biver fondue. It’s probably the best cheese for fondue.” What an interesting read. thanks for sharing the link.
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