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  1. Put your Elgin serial number in the search engine linked below and it will give you a huge amount of details on your particular movement. Once you have sizes, and model you may be able to track down what you are looking for. https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/ I hope that link helps, good luck with your search.
  2. Thanks for that, I really appreciate it As far as the watch strap goes it is as @spinynormansuggests a David Boettcher strap. A watch this age deserves a decent strap, and I love David's straps as much as I love his website...I can't begin to tell you how much that website has helped me. I also had a good few conversations with Stan Czubernat (author of Elgin Watches of the Great War) regarding this watch as I wanted to know if the dial, and hands had been changed. Thankfully he told me it was original spec, and told me what it was worth (which I hadn't expected or requested) Waltham, and Elgin made some great looking watches back then. Hope you've had a great Sunday.
  3. Hi @chas gthis watch was always a wrist watch and is a style that was worn during the first world war. The strap is a similar style to WW1 straps, and the lugs were always on this case as it is not a converted pocket watch. It is approx 33mm diameter and the movement is a size '0's which is the size that was generally used for mens watches watches at the time...anything smaller probably indicates that it was a ladies fob watch. These older watches a great as the have so much history attached to them, but be careful if you plan to get one with the radium paint on the hands and dial as these are still very much radioactive (half life of around 1600 years) as well as giving off radon gas. If you are interested in this type of watch there are plenty of more knowledgeable folk on here than myself that could give you some advice, however I would suggest buying a cheap old movement to tinker about with prior to buying something decent just so you know your way around. Thanks again for your interest in my watch, I do have a soft spot for it. p.s. Don't worry about the emojis, I'm really not easily offended
  4. Personally speaking I think it's a little on the high side, but prices have been rising. I own a Seiko 5 DX made September 1967 which I imported from Japan for a total of £85.00 (see below) A similar watch to the one you are looking at sold last year for $95 USD, not exactly the same, but I still think £285 is at the top end.
  5. I really was in the same boat with quality of photographs, everything I posted was followed by an apology for the quality of the images. A bought a Sony DSLR and struggled with it, I have Lyme Disease so my hands tend to shake which makes taking a great photo almost impossible. I have found that using my desk lamp with an A3 sheet of white paper as a curved backdrop sellotaped to the top of the lamp has helped, and my mobile phone in a phone holder is giving results that acceptable (to me anyway) Regarding your passport photo...it is easily downloaded on the Dark Web as Carruthers needs to be a little more careful about which websites he visits
  6. I have always admired your photography skills, the macro shots are amazing. It does help that your watches are in such great condition also. I did think there was a possibility that Carruthers may have taken photographs of your watches for you... I stand corrected
  7. Well that explains that one! Thanks for that, I'll stop looking now as I was starting to go a bit crazy thinking where the hell are the used ones getting sold at? I'll scrub that one off the wish list.
  8. I try my best...but I always forget to dust the watch beforehand...dust, and finger marks if you look closely. Thanks for the kind comments, I used to take hideous photographs, but sort of cracked it around three or four months ago. Better lighting, and a better mobile phone. I own a Sony DSLR but I don't know how to use it...all the gear, but no idea
  9. I am wearing one of these today, but I just thought I would show some of the colours available for the Duro/Marlin. I haven't managed to buy a white dial version...maybe someday. Have a great Saturday guys!
  10. In certain circles mooning, and trumping is acceptable at any hour of the day...
  11. The best watch they have in the range in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Beautiful! Lugs to die for! ...and in the interest of balance... Ears to go to jail for...
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