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  1. I agree with RoddyJB, it's a snap back. Take a close look around the circumference of the back plate and there will be a small indent for placing a removal knife/tool.
  2. Just Stunning! My favourite of today, thanks for sharing!
  3. Just tried one of these on this week for the first time (S2000) A nice watch, but, the clasp put me off as it was crazy big. The watch is enormous and this did not put me off, but the bracelet and clasp looks like King Kong couldn't break it.
  4. I've been really good so far this year even though I have some watches on my Ebay watch list, and, I have tried on 3 new Seiko's, 2 Omega's, and, a Bremont S2000 To walk past a watch shop when I have some time on my hands would be wrong wouldn't it?
  5. WOW, what a stunner, nice to see the decal on the dial is in such good condition.
  6. Just sold an old 1950's Avia on Ebay, I didn't get as much as I would have liked, the watch was mint. Avia are a bit of a 'marmite' brand for some people, personally I really like them. Sorry about the picture.
  7. I can't take a good photo, if I'm... 1. watching football 2. trying really hard to take a really good photo. At least I'm consistent, I am only able to take a rubbish photo.
  8. Just like Yokel. sadly no Omega or Longines just yet (planned fro later this year) So here is my Tuesday wear...Seiko SPB051J1 Prospex. Lume so bright you can read a book by it.
  9. I am a complete sucker for an old Seiko. That is a stunner! I think 1960's-1970's Seiko's are great watches, and, great value.
  10. It is 'odd' looking, maybe it would be kinder if I call it errr 'different'. I did buy it because it was 'different', to be fair to it, it is 'super' accurate.
  11. Trusty 1950's Colant Supermatic, accurate, and, odd looking. Nice dial beneath a not so nice crystal that needs replacing (at some point)
  12. Wishing you all a 2020 full of health and happiness, All the very best to you and yours!!!
  13. It could be... Ebauches de Sonceboz SA Don't quote me on this, but I had a watch movement which looked like yours and I am pretty sure it is the same or similar to one produced by (ES) Ebauches de Sonceboz SA. (sorry, I hadn't read the earlier reply, a confirmation if nothing else.)
  14. On my wrist until 01/01/2020 as it has an engraved back 01/01/1018 so it seems fitting to wear it until the New Year. All the best guys, enjoy what is left of the day and the run up to the New Year. Elgin made 1914, I love it...but it will be sold in the New Year.
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