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  1. Have a great weekend guys! Hope the weather is great where you are, and any lume you are wearing is getting fully charged. This today, god I love this watch! Yes the date is wrong...but it will be right at some point
  2. That looks like the one, the Shock Resist....and the Forster.
  3. Got me beat too! It's like no other shock absorber system I have seen. A beautiful watch movement Scott, a shame to put a case back on to hide it.
  4. I like this thread...a place to rant... just stepping onto my soapbox... Fake chrono pushers and sub-dials. Too much text on a dial or case listing specs or functions. Special Editions that aren't that special. Metal bracelets with insufficient adjustment. Permanent fixed pin links on bracelets, and to some degree integrated bracelets. Roman numerals and pretend aged lume (one or the other...if it's both...oh dear) Quartz watches that were working before a battery change, but die with a new battery (Seiko 7T32's aahhhhhhh!) Watch snobs. Watches sold via social media that that purport to be 'luxury', and 'cutting out the middle man' mein gott, was bockmist! There's more, but that will do for starters.
  5. Watched a video on YouTube a couple of days ago (Bark&Jack) and Adrian was talking about the lack of Rolex Explorer's on Chrono 24 and very few on Flebay. It was the 36mm model, but he had noticed a lack of availability on that model. My guess is that the Date Just model is bought as a 'first' Rolex whereas the Submariner is bought with flipping as a possibility in the buyers mind. I can't talk about Omega as I have no experience of them. With interest rates so low, and Gold getting so high i can only see watch prices getting higher on the models that are regularly flipped. Good news for anyone with a stash of Rolex and Omega as long as it's the right models.
  6. One last wear before it goes on Flebay. Rolex 1916 'Trench Watch' Given me a roller coaster ride this watch, mainly finding donors to get it working, but it's been enjoyable being its custodian for a little while. Time for someone else to enjoy owning it. Have a great Sunday guys!
  7. I have been thinking it is Saturday all week, every day has 'felt' like Saturday. Today it is Saturday and yet I post the watch I'm wearing today in Friday's thread. It's all downhill from here
  8. Totally, I had a senior moment Somebody had liked my Friday WRUW and I just started writing at the bottom of the thread not thinking I had the wrong day. The first time it has happened...probably not the last
  9. Seiko 6205-8940 Made August 1965 Cost: A little over £10.00 Value: Priceless Yes the dial is past its sell by date, it is on an awful bracelet, but it always works, it is always accurate, and it always makes me smile when I wear it. It is not high horology, it's not high anything, but it is a fantastic little watch with a rock solid movement that deserves some praise. Have a great weekend guys!
  10. A trip to Newcastle needs to be planned Thanks for the info.
  11. Was it a dealer in the UK? I am nervous about buying one until I have seen one in the flesh. I have a feeling that Bulgari have a design classic with this one and I'm keen to buy, but not without trying it on my wrist first.
  12. Horology lives within these walls, not return on investment. I personally feel that some Rolex buyers (not all) buy because it is a good place to hold money, head ruling heart and all that. Nice to see people on here pick watches that tug at the heartstrings.
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