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  1. Well, I for one appreciate all these watches you show, looking forward to The Balaton Watch Museum opening some day.. Hundreds, and hundreds of watches, I bet that's a real pain with daylight saving, and any month less than 31 days.
  2. Have you managed to get the full set yet? With some watches is not about timekeeping, it's not about the 'beauty', some watches just give you a 'hug' when you put them on. Thanks for sharing. You very rarely post the same watch twice on WRUW, you must have some sort of Watch Time Machine or your house backs onto a Watch Museum and you've managed to pick the locks. Either way, thanks for showing all these watches I've never heard of, I learn something every time you put a watch on WRUW. What a stunner!, thanks for sharing.
  3. I am actively looking for a 1967 Rolex Air King, but a good one. I have seen a few on Chrono2 4, but they weren't quite right. This would be nice. Thanks to Rolex Passion Market for the pic.
  4. Plausible deniability... What my wife doesn't know can't hurt her. My wife calls me 'The King of Broken Watches' because I own so many 'broken' watches. It's quite surprising how many great watches I have bought from fl-eBay, etc, and when that delivery comes in that it suddenly is a broken watch that only cost £15.00 or less. Truly amazing how many wonderful watches I have bought for next to nothing bass guitars are exempt, I think I read that on a government website or something.
  5. Nothing wrong with the way these 'big watch, tiny movement' watches look, but my heart always sinks a bit when I take the back off a watch and see the 'heart' of a big watch that's so tiny. Anyone that has ever owned the revered Casio Duro/Marlin will be somewhat disappointed the first time they change the battery. My rule of thumb is that if there is a full indices next to the date then there is a good chance of a tiny movement. @Always"watching"mentioned a couple of new watches the other day, Locksley of London being one of them, the date window on one was so close to the centre of
  6. Seiko 6N42-00F0 from Feb. 2005 ish ( I can't see this being 1995) Bought from a certain auction site with a scratched crystal, and a bracelet so full of 'wrist cheese' that I could have grown fruit and veg. I don't like big watches with tiny movements (6N42 is tiny), but Seiko have an uncanny knack of making black dialled, silver hands/indices watches that are stunning. Have a great Sunday guys!
  7. My thumb has almost legendary earthing properties, but I think I would prefer to avoid any interaction with 440v for the time being. Third time lucky?...I think 440v would win that fight.
  8. I have had two near misses in my life with electrics, the first being very similar to your story. My first job after leaving school was working in a kitchen & bathroom showroom, the owner had sold an extractor from one of the displays and said he had switched off the power to the kitchen display. He had switched off the power to the wrong display and there was a huge flash as I cut through the cable for the extractor...it melted the Stanley knife blade, but the body of the knife was plastic so I was thankfully very lucky. My second brush with electrics was checking the wiring on a dou
  9. I own one of these... https://www.ebay.ie/itm/SEIKO-MENS-STEEL-BLUE-DIAL-QUARTZ-WR100M-CHRONO-DATE-NEW-OLD-STOCK-FREESHIPPING/393230863609?hash=item5b8e62ccf9:g:pNIAAOSw0iJgYcFt I think you're right ambitious in some cases, I thought mine was worth around £70-£100 ish What a great collection of watches listed.
  10. Lemon?, Gin? I'm just going to lick all the wires at the same time, they all sound tasty.
  11. But I like lemon...what colour wire tastes like lemon?
  12. I am not wearing a watch today. I am doing some electrical work in the house. If I get things wrong I don't want to got to the morgue with a nice watch on which someone might take a fancy to. Now....do I cut the red wire...or do I cut the black wire?
  13. Disappointing buys list Actual Watch: The Casio MRW-400H-2AVEF Bought based photographs online, and I liked the blue bezel, it is ridiculously big, I have a good sized wrist, but BFG would struggle to get away with this beast. Watch Related Item: StrapCode Jubilee bracelet for my Seiko SKX I totally bought into the Strapcode hype online, everyone was recommending them. To me it is poorly finished, lots of sharp edges...not impressed. Thanks Amazon, and strapcode for the images
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