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  1. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Quick change...Pulsar Donor Giving this Pulsar Y182-6C10 an afternoon on the wrist before I do a Dr Frankenstein and rip this donor to pieces at the weekend. Sad to see a watch die to keep another one alive.
  3. SEIKO 6106-8000 Made September 1967 Have a enjoyable run into the weekend guys, keep away from the bad weather that is due, stay warm and dry...better for your watches
  4. They probably could, but with an in-house movement would you want them to? I haven't owned a Tudor, but because of the Rolex link I would go down the route of getting Tudor to service it. I would prefer the ETA watch in all honesty for two reasons, low cost servicing, and long term value...anything different has a better chance of increasing in value over time.
  5. A better model to own with the ETA movement rather than in-house movement.
  6. Day three... sorry I'm being really boring, same watch for three days. Not one second out in three days...honest, it is non hacking so it was three seconds slow three days ago it is still three seconds slow, not a second out in three days?!?!, I'd be shocked if my Rolex was this accurate. Seiko 7625-1994 Made Jan. 1969 Have a great Thursday guys.
  7. I have never noticed this before with Jura, they have three pictures per watch. The odd thing is that there is ONE picture of the watch, and TWO of the box and packaging. Surely more pictures of the watch is important??? Some big discounts.
  8. It wouldn't put me off, it is all a part of the story the watch has to tell. A handsome looking watch, well done.
  9. You have put my mind at ease. My thoughts are that I have 3 x 7T32-7C60 Panda dial watches so one will be used and kept in 'Project' mode, and the dial will be put on a brand new 7t62 movement. I can then swap them out to my hearts content...until I want to sell the 7T32-7C60 Panda. Cheers guys, I don't feel like I am going to be a watch butcher, a watch serial killer, a sinner
  10. Up until now I have considered modding to be a total sin, but if someone wants to mess around with their own watch then it's their watch to 'destroy' I know there are a huge amount of people that modify the Seiko SKX, and there are people out there that are happy to modify their Rolex (Rolex are not quite so happy with the idea) But...... I own 2 x Seiko 7T62-0CV0 'Daytona' models and I am seriously thinking of turning one of them from this... to something like this... Thanks to ANIMAL-WORSHIP@animalworship at toopics for the image. I know the bottom picture is a 7T32 but I am thinking of modding my 7T62 to look like the that. Am I a bad boy, a sinner to be thinking of doing some DIY with my spare 7T62-0CV0 'Daytona'?
  11. They are fantastic value for money, one of my favourite watches as it just does what it has to do , and it does it really well for £10-£15 The best watch you can by for less than £15.00 (IMO)
  12. Day two...and why not. Hasn't missed a beat in two days, my new favourite...for a couple of days anyway. yes...yesterdays pic, and I still have hairy arms.
  13. I am needing a replacement acrylic crystal for a Seiko 7625-8041 made September 1967, and wonder if anyone knows the code for it. My normal route is to go on Boley and find out the code, and then go on the Cousins website and search for the crystal. I can't find it on Boley, I can't find a code for this model online either. I'm normally pretty good at finding what I need, but not with this. Any help would be really appreciated. All the best Paul
  14. I have never seen anything like it, it's crazy and fantastic all at the same time, thanks for sharing!!!
  15. I have a spreadsheet to keep track of the watches I own, and this is in a subheading of 'OLD SEIKO', scan along and at the end of the row it says 'SELL WHEN FIXED' 'SELL WHEN FIXED' in this case is to fit a new crystal, and give it a new strap, that's it. I have another subheading called 'KEEPERS' and this watch is going to be promoted to the keepers list for the following reasons... 1. Gains 1-2 seconds a day even though it hasn't been serviced, and it is 51 years old. 2. Made in January 1969, like most old Seiko watches of this period it has a 'classy' timeless look. 3. It's a watch that gives me a 'hug' when I put it on. Anybody out there that collects old Seiko watches should put one of these on their wish list as they are a fantastic watch that you can pick up for next to nothing. Seiko 7625-1994, Jan. 1969 p.s. not cracks in the crystal...I have very hairy arms
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