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  1. errr NO thanks. Since I don't involve myself with such things as Faecesbook, Instajam, Twatter, or other such anti-social media all I want on my wrist is something that tells the time...and maybe the date...maybe the day at a push as that's smart enough for me.
  2. At some point I'll be dead, my watches will be owned by someone else or in landfill, and I won't care what time it is. Until I die I'll enjoy my watches, and enjoy other people's watches. As far better ways of telling the time goes...bring it on
  3. OK, I'm not wearing it, but my granddaughter is, I'm wearing something considerably older, and less pink. Have a great Sunday guys!
  4. 1940's-1950's 16 Jewel H.F. Bauer made in Pforzheim, Germany. Have a great Sunday guys!
  5. Not often that I comment on a bracelet (like never) but the bracelet on that Sinn looks amazing...and super comfy. Looks like quite a long lug to lug on that model, but it's a stunner.! Thanks for sharing
  6. Wrong date, wrong time, but this today for me. Have a great Friday.
  7. All hoped-for things will come to you Who have the strength to watch and wait, Our longings spur the steeds of Fate, This has been said by one who knew. 'Ah, all things come to those who wait,' (I say these words to make me glad), But something answers soft and sad, 'They come, but often come too late.' Sadly my kids have worse names for me
  8. This today...Seiko Presage SARY057 4R36-03H0 (JDM) Old photo, wrong day, wrong date, wrong time...old, and wrong...somewhat prophetic
  9. Saying goodbye to this massive Pulsar Sahara Chronograph, couple of hours on wrist before an ultrasonic bath and then it goes into the auction vortex. Hope you're all having a decent Monday.
  10. I have never owned a Certina or tried one on, however I have always admired them. A lovely looking watch, thanks for sharing.
  11. This today for me (this morning anyway) Always makes me smile this one, I think it's fairly rare...haven't seen one for sale outside of Japan. Have a great Sunday guys!
  12. You'll be needing some time off from the gift shop to visit the dentist
  13. (are not a...my fingers need new batteries) Do you have stock of these yet???
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