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  1. One man's landfill is another man's watch collection
  2. I felt odd typing the word 'collection' I don't really class it as a collection. I don't really know what to call it, maybe @spinynorman is right to call it an 'accumulation' rather than a collection. Based on some of the state of some of the watches I own maybe my accumulation should be called a 'heap' of watches, or a pile of watches
  3. I agree with @yokel, get what you want rather than thinking 'there's a gap in my collection, I need a...' However, I do need to scratch a couple of itches, and that is JLC, and a good German watch. The person I blame for the 'German itch' is @yokel, blame is quite a harsh word to use (but it fits) if he hadn't posted all the pictures of beautiful German watches I don't think I'd be where I am, but there is good reason to want a well made watch from Germany (other countries are available ) I have always thought that I should have an Omega, but every time I have gone to buy one I have walked out of the AD's empty handed. For some unknown reason I just don't get the 'fizz' from Omega, I will probably never own one even though I love the history, the quality, and the looks, but my wrist doesn't like them.
  4. That white dial is amazing, as far as legibility goes...if I am going to pick fault with Duro it would have to be the hands, I think they could/should be a little bigger.
  5. I still own one, they are a fantastic movement, one of Seiko's best in my opinion. I don't have a photo of mine so I have managed to find one on Gumtree that looks similar. 5J22-0A20, the 'art deco' case can put some people off, but it is an iconic Seiko watch, I'm sure some will disagree. Thanks to Gumtree for the image. I love mine occasionally, not as much as I should or it deserves as it is such a 'clever' watch.
  6. Well, as it happens I have worn two watches before, one on left wrist, one on the right wrist just to check how a manual watch was keeping up with a quartz. However, I have never worried sheep, they may have been concerned, but never worried. Running through a field holding a knife and fork, and shouting 'MINT SAUCE!' shouldn't ever be something to be worried about. I haven't seen a white dial version, the Blue dial is a nice looking watch, and the one with the 'gold' bezel/hands looks rather classy. Until Casio get back up to speed these have become quite difficult to track down. It is a big watch, but it's not crazy big. I have a 7.5 inch wrist and it feels pretty good.
  7. CASIO DURO (American Import) VS SEIKO SBDC051J1 (Japanese Import) No, I'm not going to be wearing two watches today, Casio Duro arrived the other day, just thought I'd put 2 x 200m divers together for comparison.
  8. You are correct, this Handley was bought with a Rolex Rebberg movement, the front of the case is in good condition, and my guess is the heat and subsequent sweat have taken there toll on this case. I prefer a watch to show it's age, but I honestly thought that this was probably a little 'too far gone' for someone to be interested in. Having seen some case repairs done by Adam Phillips I thought it was a possible candidate for a full restoration. When I purchased the watch the back was not pictured on any of the images on the listing, I was a little shocked when it arrived. It did take a little while to arrive from Australia which I think heightened the disappointment when I discovered the condition of the back. The case back pad/film is something I had not considered, and it might be a suitable alternative. Looks like I'm back to the drawingboard.
  9. Hi Simon, I have included some pictures of the case, the front is fine (not pictured) the back however has a bit of 'woodworm' I am thinking of getting a list together of watches that require some work (not cosmetic stuff) I would love to get all the 'project' watches completed I would like the Handley Rolex completed and ready to sell, it's a little small for me so I'd like to let someone else enjoy it. Here's the Handley case... I am not a fan of this type of case, but I guess it was the only way that Rolex were able to get into Australia after the war. I also have an Elgin watch that needs a new balance staff. I will put a lis together and get back to you, but I would love to hear what you think about the Handley case. Regards Paul
  10. 1916 Gallet Electa, Borgel cased Contacting Fellows to see if they will sell my WW1 'trench watches' so I thought I would wear each of them before saying goodbye. Selling this 1916 Gallet Electa, 1916 Rolex, 1914 Elgin, and 1926 Wilsdorf & Davis ( not WW1, but a significant date for Rolex) Sad to be selling them to be honest. Have a great Wednesday guys!
  11. Hi @simon2 for some reason I am not being notified of your replies, so I am sorry for the slow response time. I have you on my followed list now so I will pm you with further details. Do you do case repairs also? I have an old Australian Handley cased Rolex which I would like to restore. I was given the details of someone who restores old nickel cases, but he has had cancer and is not really taking on new business until he recovers. I'll send you some images and you can let me know what you think. Regards Paul
  12. Hi Simon Sorry for the delayed reply on this, for some reason I didn't get a notification of a reply. I have decided to sell all my WW1 watches, 1916 Rolex, 1916 Gallet Electa, and a 1926 W&D and I would prefer to sell them knowing they have been serviced. The mainspring on the Rolex could do with a clean, it occasionally slips, I don't think it has had a service for many years. Gallet is in a Borgel case, the W&D appears to be a Revue Thommen movement. The watch have had, and have a degree of vintage Lume on the dials, the W&D has quite a bit of lume present. I don't know if this would be something that would be a concern for you, I am aware it something that require a greater level of care when handling. Once again sorry for the slow reply. All the best Paul
  13. Just out of interest does SKMEI mean anything? Just appears to be random letters, but it could mean something in Chinese.
  14. I have been on this watch forum for nearly two years, and for the most part it has been better than any other forum I have been on. I don't know if it is because of lockdown, but some members are getting confrontational over nothing, some members are making this forum less enjoyable (for me). I am here to say that you don't have to put up with people making this forum unpleasant, you can block/ignore members that appear to be looking for an online argument. You can go into the menu and stop these people in their tracks by putting them on the ignored user list. I'm on here for a bit of fun, chat about watches, and learn, I'm not on here to have an argument about watches, pictures of watches, what's written about watches. Enjoy the forum, respect others, have a good time.
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