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  1. 1960's Automatic Seiko 6106-8000 Have a great weekend guys!
  2. Ditto...but I do have an Air King already, and I do want a Sub (No Date- No Brainer)
  3. I've already reported the theft to Kojak, I expect he'll make an arrest shortly. thanks to liveaboutdotcom for the jpeg of a lollipop.
  4. I went on to the concise history of RTL watches, it says that this watch was stolen? Maybe Roy needs to update that history or you will have Cagney & Lacey after you
  5. Old pic, but this today. Seiko 7T62-0CV0 'Daytona', don't know why Seiko collectors gave it this name, it's not much like a Daytona, but it is one of my favourite 7T62's
  6. Timex are putting out some good looking watches, nice to see a brand that I almost exclusively wore during the 1990's doing so well. I'm fairly new to orange watches so I thought I would start with the most orangey orange in the orange colour range, and boy is it orange! 7T62, Seiko, Orange...what's not to love??? (maybe the integrated bracelet?)
  7. You're not wrong, just about the most orangey orange I have ever seen.
  8. Honest...I had my orange dial watch on before I had even visited the forum, great minds think alike or great minds think alike?
  9. Something a little bit orange today...Seiko 7T62-0GM0
  10. I don't own a Longines, but I agree with the other people that have mentioned Longines. Their Heritage range have some stunners in there, but buying watches is a very personal thing. I would suggest looking at getting a birth year watch, there is something quite special about wearing something that rolled off the production line the moment you took your first breath. Welcome to the best forum on the internet! Enjoy your watch journey.
  11. 7T32-7F90, Made August 1998, A very chunky 7T32, from Germany. Have a great Thursday guys.
  12. Hi Frizz, Doesn't look like there is a rush to help you out, and to be very honest I can't really help either. I have only ever changed round, flat, mineral crystals so your crystal swap looks to be a wee bit more 'involved' than anything I've done. My guess is that the crystal is glued in position rather than being retained by a pressure ring. There is a dedicated repair advice section which may be a better place to ask for advice. Best of luck.
  13. I will not complain again, I have a decent number to change, but not that amount. On daylight saving... I feed the birds in my garden every morning, they chirp outside the bedroom window at the same time every morning asking to be fed. My observation is that in a bird's mind daylight saving doesn't exist. Time may be relative, relative to how hungry the birds are.
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