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  1. This today... Seiko 7T32 FrankenPanda, PanDaytona...etc, etc
  2. I take it @Roger the Dodgerthat it is OK to list a watch without a price and just say 'open to offers' or do you prefer a price list on each listing?
  3. I see what you mean, but for me it is all about the watch design. What I mean by this is that you can get a heavy watch that has a great lug to lug, and is on a good bracelet so that it feels heavy in the the hand, but not on the wrist. A well 'designed heavy' watch with a great bracelet disappears on the wrist. p.s. I bought this 'brick' because it is just about the oddest watch I have ever seen, the benefit is that if I wear it is like wrist weights so I can loose some extra pounds. It is about the same weight as wearing a dog or small child on your wrist.
  4. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”
  5. Well...I had a plan to sell some off and get a JLC Reverso...so the plan had been to sell, save and then buy the Reverso... but, it's been sell, buy, sell, buy, sell, buy...save funds for Reverso??? not quite but I will have a Reverso this year. No, it's all about the item being in their correct subsection so a buyer can find it, so it is purely down to Flebay rapping me on the knuckles for not letting buyers find what I want to sell.
  6. It's not so much the buying, it's more about the selling, and Flebay's bias towards the buyer rather than the seller. Sadly there are a few dishonest buyers, and to be fair some dishonest sellers. I guess it's like surfing in Australia, you know there are sharks in the water, and most of the time you get out of the water unscathed. The more often you get in the water the more opportunities the shark gets to bite you. I have a love hate relationship with Flebay, sometimes I love it, and sometimes I love to hate it.
  7. My first PVD watch Pulsar YM62-X197, (Seiko 7T62 chrono, alarm movement) A nice beater watch.
  8. I'd have to say the vast majority of my sales and purchases on the bay have been favourable, but there have a number of dishonest buyers, and a couple of just plain stupid ones. And today...in comes a purchase from the bay, the seller was great, watch is fine (a couple of touch up jobs), prompt delivery (a little poorly packed), but all in all a really good purchase. I know it's more watches from 'the cheap seats' but I like Seiko Group chronographs, and Pulsar/Lorus make some pretty decent/weird ones when they use the Seiko 7T62 movement. This is my first PVD watch, Pulsar YM62
  9. Thanks for all the replies, I totally understand @relaxer7as I have been sold a fake Seiko Kinetic Auto Relay within the last couple of weeks on the bay. Seller said his description clearly said that it was 'not authentic' so I sent him a screenshot to jog his memory as it only said Seiko. He issued a refund...as he should, then he asked me to send it back to him at my cost...yeh right! Demanded I send back, I told him to pay for postage. Message tennis ensued, but I ended up telling him that he would have pay for postage or I would do what Seiko would want me to do i.e. s
  10. Thanks for that Roger, I have just had enough with the hoops that Flebay make you jump through. I have 100% feedback with them and they restrict my account because I put a Rolex watch movement in the wrong subsection of Jewellery & Watches - Parts & Accessories...talk about vindictive! Might be time to move away from selling through them, and some of the bad buyers, non payers, and people that don't understand 'not working, parts or repair'...what person buys a watch described as not working for parts or repair and thinks that putting a new battery in it constitutes a 'repair' the
  11. I am going to be selling off a bag full of 'very' old stems, and crowns (WW1 era), but if you can send me a picture, and some dimensions I will sort through what I have and send you one the size you want if I have one. Just getting fed up with Flebay, they aren't fair, well a more accurate description is they are fairer with buyers than sellers. Don't forget those sizes and I'll see what I have.
  12. I know what you mean, but your answer made me laugh out loud. Great answer!
  13. I have bought a couple of watches from the classifieds on The Watch Forum (thanks Roy) but I have never sold anything. I am getting frustrated with Flebay and their petty rules, my account is now 'restricted' from selling anything with them at the moment as I put a Rolex Rebberg movement in the wrong category... "Jewellery & Watches>Watches, Parts & Accessories>Watches>Wristwatches" ; however, it is not the relevant one. We would like to suggest the most appropriate category for your product where the buyers may tend to look for; apparently, helps in speedy sale.Cor
  14. I'm liking the Giles annual, and the Asterix DVD, Tintin books...I'll leave the rest for you. All the best again, hope you had a great day.
  15. I'm not trying to compete with @Jet Jetskion 'who is wearing the most rust-Tick watch'...but I think we are wear watches today that have had a tough 'paper round' I love this old watch, yes it has the face only a mother could love, but I got it for next to nothing , and no watch I own has surprised me more. Seiko 6205-8940 SELFDATER, 24 Jewel Automatic. Made August 1965. The odd thing is that I decided I liked this watch so much that I bought another one about a year later, and the serial number is different by around 200, my guess is that they were made on the same
  16. Happy Birthday @mach 0.0013137have a good one!
  17. Well...I quite like it, yes it is a total rip off of the Omega, but they made a pretty good job of it. I'm not sure about the name...Phylida, the first thing I thought was it sounds like a nasty bacterium that you get on holiday... Staphylococcus Phylida, Cryptosporidium Phylida...if you see what I mean. But....it's a really bonny watch, and I'm sure that most watch enthusiasts will break their neck to see what you're wearing. Homage watches tend to polarise opinions, I'm happily sitting on the fence with this one.
  18. I am slowly working through my job list, and this 'chunky monkey' needed a new mineral crystal fitted. Finally got my 4rse into gear and fitted it yesterday. Seiko 7T32-7F90, imported from Germany, made August 1998 (it was the dirtiest watch I have ever bought, I could have grown fruit and veg in the amount of crud that was on this watch and bracelet) I am going to be selling my entire collection of Seiko 7T32 based watches, but I plan to take a 'family photo' of my 40+ 7T32's before they go on Flebay and Chr0no24. Have a great Sunday guys.
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