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  1. Saying goodbye to this massive Pulsar Sahara Chronograph, couple of hours on wrist before an ultrasonic bath and then it goes into the auction vortex. Hope you're all having a decent Monday.
  2. I have never owned a Certina or tried one on, however I have always admired them. A lovely looking watch, thanks for sharing.
  3. This today for me (this morning anyway) Always makes me smile this one, I think it's fairly rare...haven't seen one for sale outside of Japan. Have a great Sunday guys!
  4. You'll be needing some time off from the gift shop to visit the dentist
  5. (are not a...my fingers need new batteries) Do you have stock of these yet???
  6. I'm having a cull, I'm a little sad about this one, but I am set on selling 10-20 watches a week so that I can get things to a manageable level. A collection of 20-30 watches would be a nice amount, 150 plus is a silly amount I feel like the curator of a sh!te watch museum. Date changes!...28 and 30 day months drive me crazy A little sad about these two going also...
  7. Goodbye Avia Polar Star 100...one last wear before you go.
  8. Plain? I think it's really elegant...almost Bauhaus in it's styling. Thanks for sharing
  9. Looks like a Handley case so that should help with the date. A beautiful watch, thanks for sharing.
  10. If you'd only told me that in the beginning... I have a space in my collection for that as I don't own an Art Deco Skylight Thermometer GMT (Gimmicky Monstrous Timepiece) As far as the " you know you want one" comment....it just so happens that I own a few ugly watches...in fact I would say a good 90% of my watch collection could be described as ugly ...or interesting if you prefer not to offend me . Need I say more...
  11. The only Sub I will be flooding the market with will be Substandard Looks like stealth Rubik's cube road kill.
  12. Owning 150 watches is silly... especially on the 1st of the month after a 28 day or 30 day month...it drives me crazy
  13. I am also going to be selling off a decent amount this year and next just because I feel I have tipped over the edge and gone from collecting to hoarding. Thankfully the watches I bought to add to the 'collection' should sell, however the sh!te I have accumulated due to buying a watch because I needed a crown, a stem, a movement, a presentation case. But I am going to sell 'big ugly' watches that I have bought and never worn...like these two... I lose interest in them once they are fixed...
  14. Correct...eBay, I just can't understand why 99p doesn't get a buyer for almost all items listed on there unless the postage has been raised to compensate for a low starting price. I have seen items listed with 99p starting price with £10 plus delivery costs which is underhand in my view. I do remember listing a Seiko 7T32-7G20 which got interest, but I had a couple of people asking me to send pictures of the watch I am selling as they must have thought I'd used images downloaded from the internet rather than pictures I'd taken. Good photographs can make the difference between interest or no interest, but selling for me is such a hit or miss...mainly misses if I am totally honest.
  15. I sometimes buy watches because I need a part or the case so I can use it on another watch, and this watch appeared because I needed the plastic presentation case. Watch in case cost me £5.00 plus delivery from a well known auction site. As time has gone by I have grown to quite like it, I replaced the chipped mineral crystal, bought another case to put it in, and replaced the strap...all because I have not been able to sell it on FleBay, not even with a 99p starting price. I quite like the 'rhodium' coloured sunburst dial, I have seen people listing them for £15.00 and selling them. So my question is...what watch have you tried to sell without any luck, price doesn't matter...£5.00 Lorus or expensive Patek...what haven't you been able to sell, and why do you think it didn't get any buyers.
  16. Yes it's a cr4p photo, but I was making a coffee and just snapped it without too much care or attention. Seiko SBDC051J1 Japanese import. I forget just how much I like this watch. Have a great Saturday guys!
  17. I wore a watch today...I forgot to post a picture of it.
  18. Congratulations @Bricey glad you made it to six months...here's to another six months in the best watch forum on the internet (imho)
  19. I own two 7T62 asymmetric watches from Seiko and I hadn't realised that they tried this bracelet design so early. Thanks for sharing.
  20. So you're saying that Edward Woodward would, well I think Edward Woodward wouldn't, but as Edward Woodward is in his wooden box we would not be able to find out definitely if Edward Woodward would or wouldn't would we?
  21. It does make you wonder though... Your Steeldive at £80 brand new, my Orient was £92 brand new, crazy value, and great looking watches. I have worn my Orient for three days and it has been checked against an online atomic clock and it isn't a second out over three days (loses around 2 seconds while wearing it, and then gains around 2 seconds while it's on the bedside cabinet) Orient/Steedive et al should be a wakeup call for Seiko as I can't think of many automatic dive watches that Seiko produce selling for under £100 at this quality, and accuracy (maybe I just got lucky with accuracy)
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