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  1. Availability...Rolex? My guess is there was that Rolex had absolutely no chance of getting the top spot since even getting on a waitlist might not be available. Well done Nomos
  2. From a period when Arabic dials looked so stylish. Thanks for sharing.
  3. According to Crud-no24/7 this has gone up in value by £2000 in the last two weeks I bought this because it doesn't look like a Rolex, and nobody has ever commented on it. The perfect Rolex (for me) in my opinion.
  4. Ditto I find that simple people make my life complicated.
  5. You may want to try this one... 'I'm taking some rubbish to the Recycling Centre' Some time later... 'Look what I found at the Recycling Centre...a brand new, unworn Rolex Air King. Crazy what some people throw away'
  6. Good luck with your new venture, I'm sure it will do well.
  7. I had a bit of a snigger when the girl who I dealt with said "Are you buying it as an investment?" I said that as soon as I pay for this and walk out the door I will have lost £300 - £500, and a better 'investment' would have been to have stayed at the garage while the car was being serviced. But...it is a fantastic watch, not sure about the crown, and crown guard, but it has lost 1 second in 24 hours...and £500.
  8. My first brand new Longines. The girl in the shop said " Are you buying it as an investment?" I said that as soon as I walk out of the store it will be worth £300 to £500 less than what I have paid for it. I don't know what sales assistants are being told about values of Swiss watches and values. I bought it for the history of the brand, and it is well made with a good movement. The crown, and crown guard is a little 'brutal' and doesn't really match the watch. It has lost 1 second in 24 hours and as far as I am concerned it is a bit of a peach of a movement.
  9. So...yesterday I went to get the car serviced and I had an hour or so to kill. My defence is as follows... I've never bought a new Longines as I've only owned vintage. It sort of matches my glasses.
  10. It's been a while since I've worn this as I normally wear the 7T32 version. Right watch, wrong date.
  11. My wife calls me The King of Broken Watches... I would prefer to be known as The King of the Uneconomical Repair
  12. That as a watch is a vast improvement on the rubbish I normally buy.
  13. I am wearing a watch the postie delivered today. There's no proper picture as I'm too embarrassed. so here's something I prepared earlier...
  14. This today for me. Another watch my wife absolutely hates. I have always like the black and gold combo.
  15. I feel your pain as I'm in the same boat with eleven listings...a disaster I'm never listing January ever again.
  16. The only advice I would give is.... Don't buy sh!te watches! That's where I went wrong.
  17. Ditto. I've admired @yokel's watch collection for a good while, and the Dornblüth is on my wish list. I still have plans to pay a visit to his house while everyone is out.
  18. I received so many negative comments about the Casio that I wore on Friday, and Saturday that I thought I should up my game today. My wife's negative comments about the Casio are as follows... "Why are you wearing that? You have so many nice watches but you're wearing a watch that looks like it came out of a Christmas cracker" There were other comments, but I thought I'd keep it clean...it is Sunday and I know you'll all be going to church So today I am wearing something that cost more than £8.70 from flEBAY, and did not fall out of a Christmas cracker. Have a fantastic Sunday guys!
  19. Whenever I see this watch I can't help thinking that it is a tip of the hat for a road I used for so many years when I lived in County Durham. Your watch brings back fond memories of Barnard Castle ( not because of Dominic Cummings trying to escape there during lockdown ) Thanks for sharing, who would have thought that a letter, and two numbers could put a smile on my face every time I see it.
  20. Welcome back to the 'Care Home' as @Karruselhas so fondly put it. Nice that you have swapped the smell of jet fuel for the smell of Moebius watch oil.
  21. Still wearing yesterday's delivery...the 'spares or repair' Casio which is keeping perfect time, but the date changes at 9.00...I think the hands have been off at some point and they didn't care about setting them a little more accurately. Have a great weekend guys no matter when your date changes.
  22. Thanks for that, Casio watches can be a bit of a hit or miss with me, I owned a CasiOak and sold it within a week, sold most of my Casio's but kept have 6 x Duro's as I really like them. The lume on this one is just so rubbish, probably the worst lume on any Casio I have ever owned, but it is super legible in normal daylight. I don't think they were an expensive watch even though I have seen one on 4mazon for £149.00 which is a laughable price. It is a £30 - £50 watch, I plan to replace the movement as it was sold as a spares or repair, but it is working fine for me...at the moment. I will probably own it for a month or so and it will be moved on...once they are fixed I lose interest in them.
  23. Postie has just been and this arrived bubble wrapped in a Voltarol Emulgel box. The splash of yellow against the black is quite nice, needs a good clean, a tinker with, and a new strap. Sorry about the rubbish photograph.
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