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  1. Hi There, it was through TAG themselves, Quartz Chronograph Complete Service. They have maintenance service for way less (£85) but wouldn't include the repair as far as I could see. I've been trying to find someone local to me who would be able to do it, but i've not had much look, companies I've approached seem to all want to send it off for repair and its a similar cost.
  2. Hello there, i'm a new member - looking for the benefit of experience and advice. I have a Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch, I bought new in 2008 and have used it as my everyday watch ever since, it's had several batteries and reseals over the years, but never been sent off for service etc. The watch has a few issues and I have had a quote of £325 to have it serviced and repaired. I'd like to sell the watch on, but i'm worried that after paying for the repair and servicing I may not make much in the way of a profit (i'm guessing around £80ish). Would it be worth selling a watch that is i
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