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  1. Thank you and it keeps very good time too.
  2. Very nice, good work. How do post photos to be seen directly on the forum page please? I think I find a way
  3. If I may show one of my favorite pockets watches that I like to wear. https://postimg.cc/gallery/31k8hjdom/ PS. How I can show my photos without a link please?
  4. Great looking watch. wish it was in my collection. thanks for sharing
  5. Thank You harryblakes7, yes that was very helpful, and now I understand. Do you think it is hard to find a case for this movement?
  6. First I wish to thank you for adding me to this forum. I have this J w Benson caliber bought some time ago and I wish, if possible to fit it in a case, but the winding stem connection is a puzzle to me. Maybe some members will be kind enough to guide me how I should go about it. Thankk You Alf https://postimg.cc/gallery/f9p4v6lq/
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