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  1. I get mine off Ebay. How to Measure for Pocket Watch Crystals its very important you get the correct size and dome shape for your case. Youtube should help here. You can always take pot luck and purchase a batch lot off ebay fairly cheep. I purchased 50 for £15 and so far around 7 of them have come in use. At £5-£10 for a new crystal thats not a bad return.
  2. I'm no expert but I like to wind mine every day (20 or so). I'm sure if they are clean and have the correct oil it would be better to have them running.
  3. Over the past year or so I have purchased so many "None Runners" - its like a Lucky Bag. Most of them are put in the cupboard and stay there :-( I prefer the American pocket watches to Swiss - I find it very hard finding parts in the UK, maybe Im such a novice and just don't know where to look. anyway I'll stop wingeing. I hope you find your parts and get it running - I love it when you can bring life back to an old pocket watch.
  4. Drives me up the wall. Why they can't tell you which part is damaged - Sparse and Repair doesn't tell me anything. I have spent so much on so little.
  5. Super looking pocket watch - great for any collection
  6. Good afternoon, I'm a UK member I have an Illinois Watch Case "SPARTAN" 12 size without a stem sleeve - I do have the stem. I'm looking for a new sleeve for the case and was wondering if anyone could help me locate such an item. I have done the usual and trolled through google with no luck. I'm not sure how one goes about finding a replacement are these case specific, If I find a sleeve from another case that looks the same size will that fit? I see on ebay groups of sleeves for sale but none have measurements. Do they come in standard sizes? Or is it a case of throwing away the case and finding a complete one. I have a sleeve wrench - what are members experience in purchasing from ebay USA, is that problematic? I would love any help available - Thanks Shaun
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