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  1. Thank you, I’m off on holiday for the next week or so, so it’ll be on my list after that. Many thanks
  2. Thank you for the replies and I’ll get in touch with Simon. There is something amazing about watching the mechanism! I’m so curious about all the little handwritten numbers that can be made out on the case.
  3. Hi, I’ve just joined as I have recently been left an old ladies watch from my Nana’s family. I absolutely love it and will happily wear it as it is but the bracelet which is a sprung gold ‘Britannic’ strap is a little loose. And while the watch itself is working well I would like to get it serviced to make sure it gets any TLC it needs. My questions are: Is it a genuine Rolex? Can I do anything about the strap? How do I go about finding someone to service it reliably? Any idea of it approx value? I found a similar watch on this forum and have learned from there that the hallmarks on the inside of the case mean it was probably made around 1924 and has the Glasgow hallmark. TIA
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