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  1. In a world where even Bank and top retailer customers' private details have been hacked and nicked, I only use one digital payment method, and if I can't use that then I just leave the bargain for another buyer. And when we buy something of great value the seller knows where it has gone to, even the address, and a fat list of watch collector's addresses is probably worth a few quid to some very nasty folks. Yuk!
  2. Well, if he's short of cash and watches and needs to tell the time he can always get an accurate watch off ebay for about ten quid. If Paypal will have anything to do with him, that is.
  3. Hello....... I expect you got a reply about 16 months ago, but here goes anyway.... Each watch has its own battery, the primary watch uses a Ratana 362 and this unit has six jewels and looks as if gold plated. The secondary watch (with the small second hand) uses a 321 and this is also has six jewels and looks as if gold plated. I recently bought one of these at a boot fair and because it was so very cheap I decided to remove the secondary movement in favour of a much loved photograph of my wife, which is great for me because I don't move thru two time zones, etc.
  4. Hello......... Well........ ummmm..... I've been a forum lurker here, on and off, for many months. Most of the info I ever wanted was available to me by reading member's conversations, but when a friend (who doesn't have computer or internet use) told me about his broken breitling watch I wanted to ask the first question for which there was no ready answer. And so here I am, run out of further questions for now. So I'll wander round this fiorum some more and see what triggers my third post..... this was my second! And so Hello to you all, Oldbadger
  5. Thankyou very much for your suggestions and offer of help. I will show your post to me friend, and let's see if he will finally do something with it. Thankyou again
  6. Dear members, Hello from a new member. My friend has a Breitling 1884, 20 chronometre certifie, 2000m watch. It has an automatic mechanical movement. He bought this watch circa 2005 and in about 2008 it began running slowly and then stopped. It has lain in a drawer since then (!) until he showed it to me this week. A strange thing about it, when I rotated the watch back and forth in my hand and then looked at the hands, the second hand was running backwards for about 5 seconds! I repeated this action again and the second hand ran backwards for a few seconds, again. Does anybody have any clues about what happened to this watch for it to behave like this? I have suggested that he take it for repair because it is a lovely watch, but I think he is frightened about possible repair bills. I would love to hear from any members, Thankyou. Oldbadger
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