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  1. What a couple of morons. I would never even purposefully destroy any watch, let alone a Rolex. Thise two need to leave youtube and never be allowed to own a watch...ever. I feel shame for my country when I see things like that. Sorry for the typo.
  2. This, technically, isn't a 'nice' watch. But, it is very sentimental. When I lived in NYC(2011-2015), I constantly missed our family dog(a Pug named Mr. B). And out of the blue one day, my Mother gifted me a "Pug watch", since I really like watches. I eventually moved back home and spent several years with my pug buddy before he passed. He passed away last month, but I still have a memento of him and my Mother's kindness. This watch represents kindness and good memories of my beloved pug, Mr. B. The watch is a design by "Tracy Morgan"(not of the t.v. star fame) and was licensed by the NKC. The seconds are indicated by a rotating disk, with a printed pug image. I juat put a new band on it and a new battery in it. Going to wear it for fun and memories day. My apologies for the lengthy post. And thank you for reading, if you've made it to the end. Cheers. Alex
  3. Very nice! I really like the dial and band on that one. Thabks for sharing. Is there a model designation for the Amphibian with that bracelet? It looks much more comfortable than the older stainless bracelets that came on the Amphibians about 10 years ago.
  4. I never get tired of seeing that video. But, it makes me tired, seeing the watchmaker build that beyond-incredible timepiece. I just think if any of those 7 watches ever need repair, only that immensely skilled watchmaker could do the work. Thank you for posting it.
  5. I've used varnish and lacquer (shellac, polyurethane, and enamel as well) before and it works somewhat OK, but if you sweat a bit, the moisture will cause the varnish to soften and make a mess. some skin could be highly allergic to these chemicals as well. Hypothetically of course. The Sello sounds interesting though! Making it stay when it is exposed to sweat moisture would be the only possible issue I can think of.
  6. This is a good topic idea, eezy. I have so many watches that are stainless or gold, but a lot are plated(vintage and Vostoks). When a tiny bit of base metal shows through the plating, my arms gets itchy and bumpy where the base metal touches my skin. My rash goes away in a day or two though. The watches I have that start to show base metal through the plate, I find/buy a strap that helps separate the case from my wrist. Maybe Nato style, over-under straps, mounting bracelet, etc. I would bet the strap option would help alleviate the prolonged rash as well. Hypothetically of course.
  7. Awesome thread! I take some movement photos when the watch is apart for whatever reason. Will definitely be posting more in the future. Vostok Amphibian. Omega Seamaster mid-late 1960s. Omega Seamaster early 1960s Universal Geneve. Movado 800 Series chronograph. Borel Cocktail (through exhibition back) Longines 19AS. Hamilton automatic Swiss 17J and Caravelle Japan 7J.
  8. Thank you very much for the kind words and book recommendation, scottswatches. I know a man who may have that book(he has hundreds of horology related books). I'll check with him. Hello back! :D Thank you for sharing those photos of you beautiful Hamilton watches and for the kind words, Gaspode! That Dateline is stunning. Absolutely stunning. I really like watches along that style case. The only other Hamilton I may like more is one of my dream watches. Early mechanical or modern automatic Ventura.
  9. These are six of my Hamilton vintage wrist watches. The two on the left are a late-70s Swiss quartz and an early Swiss automatic day/date. The other four are U.S.A made Hamilton watches(per the encouragement of the sub-forum description). My personal Hamilton favorite. Correction to previous post: The quartz is day/date. Not the automatic.
  10. My only other Movado. A Museum Classic on Stainless Bracelet. This was a gift from a friend while I lived in NYC for a few years. Not something I would have bought for myself, but since receiving it, it has gotten worn several times(usually with a nice suit). Part of the reason I ended up buying the 800 Series Chronograph(post right before this one).
  11. In my first post, a gentleman commented on the Russian watches in my collection(well. He commented on one). Finally I got to get the Russian wrist watches. I know very little(practically nothing) about Russian/Soviet watches, but do find them interesting. I hope, maybe, you'll enjoy seeing them. Manual Wind w/date. 1/2 Amphibian Automatic w/Date. Black cotton strap with chrome buckle. 2/2 Amphibian Automatic w/Date. Same as above, but with original steel bracelet. Vintage Soviet Manual wind w/day & date. Vintage Soviet Manual. Thank you looking.
  12. Those are some gorgeous and awesome Omega time-pieces posted in this thread. Thanks for sharing! The Omegas in the collection right now. Bought a box especially for the six Omegas. These are some of my favorite watches. Right side of box. Left side of box. Constellation - Automatic Chronometer. Seamaster - Automatic Chronometer Calendar. Seamaster - Automatic Calendar. Seamaster - Automatic Calendar. Not sure of the model name if this watch. Will have to post about it at some point. Just strapped this one on for the photo. A bit too small for me.
  13. Finally got around to changing the batter in the 800 Series Chronograph. I had called Movado(U.S.A customer service department) and was offended at their battery and "reseal" costs. I put a $6 Duracell 395 battery and a $0.20 o-ring in the watch myself. The case was not pressurized as the salesman who sold it to me stated. One of my favorite modern watches.
  14. That is fantastic that Timex is making that move. Thank you for the information, Alan. I'll be looking for Timex watches in the future that aren't stamped "China". It would be even cooler if the new dials/faces were marked "Scotland Mov't" or "Scottish Mov't".
  15. Thank you, gimli! That tapered flex band does make it look like a ladies watch indeed. That Borel needs a proper black leather strap and gold-plated buckle, then you'll have something nice. The difference in gold-tone of the case and band is a dead giveaway that it is all wrong.
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