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  1. Looks fantastic. Bitsa or not, very pleasing dial design.
  2. Complete bag of 5hite! What's it got to do with cars or watches. Neither one thing or another. £299 SPECIAL exclusive only to us here at QVC along with Maserarti and Russian space mission nonsense is where this belongs
  3. I often look through their website. They have some reasonably priced watches. They have an ebay store too that accepts offers. Always tempted by the vintage 60's Omega Seamasters.
  4. I wear my Bremont alt-1 pretty much daily. Thankfully few know what it is so I've grown comfortable wearing it,as you absolutely should. Live in a rural area,but its nice to sit at a bar and no one know, or care what I'm wearing. Not sure what the case would be with a Rolex? If its under a cuff should be ok.
  5. Well Ernest Jones offer 10% voucher off your next purchase voucher! Excellent I thought. That'll knock £260 off the retail price for leather strap version.Signed up to their e-mail subscription to get the code. Sorted! Except not sorted at all. Terms and conditions exclude Tudor and many other watches and jewellery Sad times
  6. I bought myself a pre-owned Bremont ALT1-C with the cream face for my 50 birthday. It's my 'Lifetime Achievement Reward' to myself:) I was a bit concerned about wearing it and it been noticed; but no one ever has. Which is great! I can get served at a bar and no one says or cares a jot. Means I can wear it worry free and just enjoy having it:)
  7. That's the other thing I'm thinking about. I'd rather have an ETA movement for the sake of servicing. Can an independent watchmaker service an in-house movement?
  8. I say cash but I mean debit card. That's the 'new cash' in my eyes because as you say, people don't like actuall cash now. But they must like debit paid for because 0% is never really free. Someone's paying something. So,paying in full must be more profitable for them?
  9. Mmm. In in Newcastle on Wednesday so I'll have a look. I see Ernest Jones website say in store only so I'll have to see if that's actually right. Will be paying cash so I'll politely ask about discount of they have them. Everyone living their Black Bays? No regrets? I'm loving the vintage vibe.
  10. Are these watches available to just buy ,or is there a waiting list? Also,due to the popularity of this model, can a discount still be negotiated? I'm considering one of the leather strap versions. I'm not a fan of bracelets. Cheers
  11. So I've come across a early 70's Dugena chrono for £750ish Mark from a dealer. Any owners or knowledgeable experts out there with experience of such things? Has 7734 movement in it and very 70's Brown/orange theme to it. I find as I get older brown seems more and more comforting ha. Used to be black rock and roll all the way! Now finding myself increasingly wearing brown boots /Brown belt/Brown watch strap!. Anyway,anyone's experience of above brand appreciated. Where would these sit back in the days comparative to other brands?Whilst I know watches are not an investment,will I lo
  12. I believe during the war they would use this scale to determine the distance of the guns firing shells?Beautiful looking watch. Design and patina just perfect!
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