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  1. I believe during the war they would use this scale to determine the distance of the guns firing shells?Beautiful looking watch. Design and patina just perfect!
  2. I've have a couple of Breitling baseball caps in Orange and blue despite not owning a Breitling watch. Love the logos and really nice quality .Date not wear them outside in case I get mugged for a watch I don't have. Have a Bremont cap too which isn't as good as the Breitling jobs
  3. It's a man thing I think. My other 'thing' is guitars. Have 7electrics and 2 acoustics. The two acoustics are more or less the same but the last ones prettier,so justified. Over the years most of had over 20 electrics. It's chasing 'icons' I think. As humans we seem programmed to collect. Look at the kids with Pokemon cards or sticker books
  4. That looks really nice Harrods connections cool. Sweet!
  5. I've just learned of these watches and quite like the look. Imfo and pics please plus strap options. How much should I pay second hand? Cheers
  6. These look cool! Just been on ebay checking them out. What sort of price should we paying for these?
  7. I see he's added a £100 to the one I was looking at. £895 as apposed to £795 on their website.
  8. Thanks chaps imfo appreciated:) Badly lusting after an Omega ha
  9. Been looking at vintage Omega for a while now. Scared of ebay purchase and now looking at dealers. Parkers have quite a wide selection at various prices which look decent. They have a nice looking stainless steel 67 non-date seamaster for £795. Few tiny marks on lugs is as bad as it seems. While this may not be the watch I buy its certainly the sort of thing I'm after. So,anyone used Parkers? Any good? Is that too cheap from a dealers? Any advice appreciated.
  10. You can return wives but the restocking fees are massive!
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