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  1. Some camera pictures can be very outstanding except you want your pictures to be professional, a good camera phone can deliver.
  2. Right now i think the dashcams are up in sales, very easy to use and preferable to the CCTV cameras.
  3. The Oris looks awfully strange, i saw an Avia watch recently and can guarantee you that there is a huge difference compared to this one.
  4. Wow. i am really blown away by these awesome finds. Way to go on the presents.
  5. When i was looking for a Rolex i saw the Tudor Sub and when for it, it has more wrist time than any of my watches. +
  6. There are really lots of options, from the Longines to the Tudor and Oris to name a few. Do a critical search and you will find your choice.
  7. Was a big fan of this movie in my younger days, still on of my favorites.
  8. Very awesome, congrats. Really great achievement.
  9. I try not to exceed the number of watches in my collection, i have some i don't wear often, plan on selling them soon.
  10. I own a Parrot, her name is Lima. She is part of the family.
  11. I own an Airman and so far, i am really enjoying it.
  12. Stunning looking watches, i particularly like the second Seiko. Congrats.
  13. This watch is really eye catching.
  14. Really grateful i got to read this, thanks for the read and lovely pictures. Truly inspiring.
  15. Very nice, it looks good.
  16. It looks really good, great work.
  17. I don't think the female fans will be happy about that.
  18. That is a good looking watch, very nice
  19. If it is really by Tiffany.Co then it must be worth over £18,000. Good luck on your sales.
  20. Very creative, i wonder how it came about.
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