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  1. It looks good, i love the dial but i think it still needs some improvement.
  2. Listening to Jon bellion, my daughter loves him.
  3. That is a huge fake, i agree with PC-Magician its hammer time.
  4. I think the 1815 Jaeger LeCoultre is a solid watch for an older person.
  5. I love their band, hope to take my daughter to their concert some day.
  6. You have a very nice collection and the added watch is pretty awesome. Cheers
  7. I saw one for the first time and i just instantly fell in love with it. I plan on getting the Royal oak soon.
  8. It will be unwise to invest majority of your funds there. I see people sell theirs every time without much to show for it.
  9. Now that is just cruel, let a classic be a classic. It is innovative though, just does not look ideal.
  10. Hey! I talked a bit my circle of contacts (those who are interested in bells in any case ) and we ended up in a discussion about what actually made us interested in watches. There were about as many reasons as there were people in the room and it was extremely interesting for me to hear why others were getting .. to tick. () For me, it was the extreme tolerance of micro mechanics, where you tampered with nature so that you can keep an eye on something completely invented by man (seconds, hours, date). I think the actual concept of clockwork is interesting, incredibly awesome how it has been possible to get something to go exactly, despite always fighting different types of natural imperfections.Others said it was the "status factor" that led them on the track, a third said he saw some Richard Mille watches and thought they were simple majestic and after that he was interested. In addition, he said he liked the concept of jewelry but he felt it was wrong to have a gold chain or the like. So - what do you say? How did you get interested? Was it the gems and the status that attracted you or was the micro mechanics and polishing? Maybe something different?
  11. Very impressive, simply stunning pocket watch. Really surprised.
  12. Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns Elton john - madman across the water Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland Detroit Cobras- Tied and True Enya - The Celts johnny Flynn - Been listening Pink Floyd - Wish you Were Here The Beatles - Revolver UB40 - Signing Off Johnny Cash - Live at Folsom Prison
  13. It really looks good, congrats.
  14. I must say that this watch is awesome, i think i will have to get me one. Nice
  15. You have a very nice collection, Kudos.
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