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  1. Thank you very much lads - I think this concludes this research. Appreciate your indulgence in my amateur knowledge. Cheers!
  2. Really? I was under the impression it’s a lot older than that since it’s from her grandma. Maybe around the 40’s..
  3. I see. It’s not really of importance if it’s a valuable watch. Of course if it has a monetary value it’d be better :) Any guesstimate as to the decade it was made? I’m going to find out, if possible, if it was a memento from a trip. Thank you once again!
  4. Hope this works: https://ibb.co/bBXgnp https://ibb.co/kXU5DU thank you so much!
  5. Just as well, but any historical background? Is this just a run-of-mill watch? Thank you for your prompt reply!
  6. Hello Everyone, I’m stumped with this watch. My gf’s grandmas watch. I cannot locate anything about it online, yet it seems a special purchase back then since it’s 24C gold plated. If you could ID it and perhaps give us a bit of a background? It’d be highly appreciated! Unfortunately I cannot post any pics yet.. The watch is a: FC First Class Gold Crown Swiss Quartz - 24K Gold Plated -Hardness Crystal - FC2091L Cheers!
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