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  1. Good morning , Seiko Flightmaster for me today
  2. Congratulations on winning the raffle @Delta . Enjoy
  3. Trying out a new Steveo nato on a Mako USA today
  4. Good morning , CW C3 Malvern today
  5. Good morning , Citizen NY2300 today
  6. Good morning , Mako USA for me today
  7. Good morning , Orient Star Standard Date today
  8. Good morning , Citizen for me today
  9. Good morning , Mako Monday for me
  10. I`ve got 3 Eco Drive`s that live in my watch box when i`m not wearing them although I do try to leave them on a window sill for a day every 3 months or so. Never had a problem with any of them including the one below which is aprox, 18 years old & has never (touch wood)had it`s capacitor changed
  11. Same hear although I did just upload to the gallery?
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