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  1. Hi @Nigelp there were a few variants of the Marlin the one closest to the reissue would of course be a no date. The Marlins from the 60s will all have Waterproof on the dial, the numbers to the left below 6 o`clock refer to the model number( 2127 on mine) The 1st 2 numbers to the right below 6 o`clock refer to the movement number (25)& the last 2 numbers the year of production (68) Great vintage watches for not a lot of money in my opinion
  2. Good morning , Timex Marlin from 1968
  3. Good morning , Orient Mako USA 1 for me .
  4. I have been working away from home during the week for a few months & only wearing the one watch all week . My faithful Mako that started me collecting watches does for me.
  5. Citizen Quartz Crystron from 1979 for me today
  6. A bit late to the party (work has taken over at the moment) but any opportunity to encourage the purchase of Orient divers (or any other Orient ) should IMHO not be wasted As others have stated above I would highly recommend them These are my divers all with Orient`s cal.469 movement . Good hunting & I look forward to seeing the pics.if you take the plunge
  7. Good morning , Seiko King Quartz for today
  8. Good morning , CW 2015 FLE for me today
  9. Good morning , Seiko Flightmaster for me
  10. I really like your original and out of the others the Tissot is the stand out for me . Another option for me would be a Christopher Ward C3 Grand Tourer ,a bit above budget at £395 but there is always a discount just around the corner with CW .
  11. Good morning , Citizen for me today
  12. Good morning , CW C3 Malvern for me today
  13. Good morning , Orient King Diver circa 1971-1975 for me today
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