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  1. Good morning , Orient King Diver circa 1971-1975 for me today
  2. Good morning , Citizen NY2300-09E for me today
  3. Good morning , Orient Ray 1 for me today
  4. I purchased this PMX56-2592 that was produced in 2001 a few years ago from the original buyer who sold it as needing a new capacitor has he had never had anything done to the watch . When it arrived it had the dreaded 2 click stutter on the second hand but a few days on a window sill and it started working perfectly and has kept great time since . I purchased this AT0200-05E chronograph 11 years ago and it`s never missed a beat . I just hope i`m not tempting fate by posting them
  5. Citizen Quartz Crystron from 1979
  6. Orient Mako USA 1 for me today
  7. Good morning , Mako USA 1 today
  8. Good morning , Seiko SKX 033
  9. Good morning , Orient Star standard date
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