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  1. I feel like soaking it overnight in fish & chips:) The beauty of this issue is that the Wenger/VictorInox manufacturer doesn't allow me to do a second expertise. The only expertise allowed is by their partner service in Romania, and if i do another one (which may prove they're not right) i lose my warranty. But having a valid warranty they still asked me to pay for the repair. All this story is such a nonsense that is becoming hilarious (well, is actually rather frustrating me). I'll keep you updated with the end. If they dont refund me i will try to sell the watch as a survival kit - it produces some good quantities of water. and thanks for advises!
  2. The watch was bought from Zurich airport duty free . I have never had any troubles getting refunded in Romania in the past with other items (laptops, etc). The only part in Romania now is their service partner, which they say the watch is ok. But im sure they just follow the Wenger policies in these cases. And yes i did i've let in in rice jar, with the opened crown for days and days. Once it put it in my hand, the water comes again on the glass.
  3. I finally managed to get an answer from the seller which wont reimburse me as long as their service conclusion was that the watch has no any manufacturing issues. Doesn't anybody know if contacting the Swiss (which is out of EU) Customer Care authorities helps? Im trying anyway without luck to find their address to write an online complaint. Thanks!
  4. I cannot go back to the shop, this was bought on an international airport. Now, the service partner wants only to remove the water at my expense. Refund of replacement were denied. The manufacturer points to the local partner. I dont have any other options than to make a complain at the Swiss Customer Care service. Did you had the same problem with a Wenger? thanks.
  5. Thanks for your quick answer, Gimli. There is something that i cannot understand: that a new watch which has 100 meter WR functionality cannot handle a splash and gets foggy after a swim. Do i need a diver watch to wash my hands without removing it? Ok, it's not an expensive one (150 euro) but i never had any issues with much cheaper ones in many real extreme situations (steamy sauna then cold water, etc). The issue is that the Romanian partner of Wenger (B&B collection) wants only to service it at my expense (of course i asked for a replacement or refund). They're saying that the watch is properly made and the water is condensation from the inside air, not leaked in.
  6. Hi everybody, I've brought a new water resistant Wenger from a Swiss certified store. I was very happy with the purchase: it was looking nice and sturdy. Having a leather bracelet, i've been avoiding the water contact, although the watch itself is 100 M water resistant. Two month after purchase i made a deep into the sea - i actually forgot in on my hand – and the watch become suddenly foggy with a huge amount of condensation inside. A week after this event it still has so many small drops that you can barely read it. After returning from the holiday i went to the local service partner (i live in Romania). I was told that the watch was tested and is perfectly sealed . Also that the condensation is normal after "improper use" - i've been told that i had exposed the watch to "extreme temperatures". The watch is still in warranty and i was supposed to pay the water removal (not much, 12 euros, but anyway). I refused to pay it on my own as i cannot do it after each use of the watch in conditions which is supposed to properly work. Im very disappointing by both the quality of the watch and by the client service too. I don’t think is the local service fault, it looks like a global policy. I wrote many email to Wenger and its parent VictorInox company but until now they hide behind the local service partner (!). I owned various cheaper watches (Timex, Seiko, Citizen) and used them in real extreme temperatures: ice cold water after sauna, etc, but never got a single drop of condensation inside for none. Now i got plenty after a innocent splash over a brand new Swiss made 100 M resistant watch and i have to deal with that on my own, even in warranty. Is it ok to have condensation (if is condensation) in a brand new water resistant watch? Is it also ok to have it fixed on your expense if that watch is still in warranty ? If im the one to blame for this im assume that i need to bring it to service after almost each splash I will write a complain to the Swiss Customer Care authority and im checking with you if im right or not. A second opinion than their own service would be very useful for me. The warranty itself is kind of vague and my feeling is that the watch has been assembled in a humid environment and i have to fix that on my own. Maybe i was so unlucky to get one of those watches out of 10 000 which comes with a trouble - but blaming me for that make me very frustrated. Thanks and best wishes, Petrut
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