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  1. Another winder,despite the lockdown my old mate Arthur Ritus seems to have taken up permanent resisidence
  2. Bonzodog


    Just finished carrying three hundred kilos of salt tablets into the storage shed,I’m absolutes cream crackered now.
  3. When I kicked the watch habit a few years back,my only watch was a non date sub,wore it everywhere.
  4. Auto winder and salt for the softener.
  5. Bonzodog

    DIY haircuts.

    Don’t forget,nfn,
  6. Bonzodog

    DIY haircuts.

    I think I can get away with this look
  7. Fantastic collection,thanks for sharing
  8. Bonzodog

    DIY haircuts.

    Eight quid,what decade was that then
  9. Bonzodog

    DIY haircuts.

    I’m going for the wild and woolly look
  10. Don’t like it one little bit,looks cheap and nasty.
  11. Nespresso pods,no problem staying in,but no coffee will send me Leary .
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