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  1. I’m after a hand wind watch,just sold the Hamilton khaki as 38 mm is a bit small on my 20 cm wrist.Stowa is top of my list at present. Pictures of your handcrankers would be very much appreciated.
  2. I’ve had my Colt Quartz about eighteen months,at that time I was told it was being discontinued .
  3. Bonzodog


    Talking to mates that still work in trades,there is loads of work about and not enough time to do it.
  4. Bonzodog


    Wired an extra outside light on my sons garden workshop,quite nice to do Somthing a bit different for a change.
  5. 39 mm,I’ve fitted all the spare links ,it’s a little looser than I normally like.Might be a case of removing a link in colder months.
  6. I like the look also,buy I’m having the devil of a job trying to get a comfy fit on my eight inch wrist.
  7. Not much of a pub goer at the best of times,so Ill stay home.
  8. Just bought a Tudor ,arrived today.I’ve owned two Rolex watches,bought new,sold them imho they are over priced and overrated,Just my two pence worth.
  9. Put a new grey Haveston strap on this one.
  10. Grey canvas Haveston strap,and a watch.
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