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  1. Can’t help with this model,but I have an eight inch wrist and most of my watches are 40 mm,fit is fine.
  2. Stella,cause you will be drinking loads when it goes wrong.Only kidding ,but Stella is my guess.
  3. So much for buyer protection.
  4. I owned an Elite for three years,even the Samaritans told me to go away.Damn thing needed constant attention and eye watering amounts of cash.
  5. I don’t dislike it ,but my word it’s a monster on the wrist.
  6. In my case I only wear a watch a few hours at a time ,so difficult to tell.
  7. Interested to know members thoughts on servicing,do you service at regular intervals or wait until it goes wrong.Ive decided on the latter option.
  8. Good idea to practice on,imho not worth more than 99p.
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