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  1. How about this great lump of steel,under your original budget ,sits well on my eight inch wrist.if you need more weight add a bracelet.
  2. Have to say weight of a watch has never crossed my mind.
  3. All the best to both of you
  4. Yes my old eyes struggle with this silver hands.
  5. I don’t pay much attention to dress or casual,just wear what I like.
  6. Strap is going to be changed,the deployant clasp digs in my eight inch wrist,and I’m thinking of having the hour and minute hands painted white. I was torn between the two,the light dial is lovely .
  7. Another E/O strap and a pair of non slip feet for my ladder.
  8. An elastic strap from the watch steward
  9. Definitely possibly perhaps the last one for 2020.
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