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  1. Arrived this morning,pleased with the watch,strap is a bit meh but easily sorted.Absence of quick date change is interesting to say the least.
  2. Seen a couple for sale on Etsy,might be worth a look,also Steveo straps used to have them.
  3. Both are nice,happy to wear either.
  4. £1300.00 is a good chunk of cash,I think you could do much better than that one.
  5. Fine collection you have there.
  6. Can’t help with the bracelet,but that’s a lovely looking watch.
  7. That’s just lovely
  8. I think this is right up your street
  9. Nearly as bad as the £80.00 quoted to change the battery in my Marathon.
  10. My understanding is one hand opening if a lock blade.
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