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  1. Blue,I had the same one but the recessed crown was a problem for me.
  2. This one today ,with a change of strap.
  3. I looked at these in the metal a couple of weeks back,not bad for the money,but it swamped my eight inch wrist.
  4. Autos on winders,Quartz in Peli cases,hand wind on bedside table.
  5. I had the one on the left of your picture.Lovely watch ,kept perfect time,rather regretted selling it.
  6. Another one I owned ,sold and bought again.Getting dafter in my old age.
  7. Must have,under$500.00 you jest sir
  8. I like a hand wind,knackered hands tho so I stick to autos and Quartz.
  9. On days that I wear a watch,it’s just the one.
  10. Food for thought,I’m not against changing my mind,at least what’s left of it.I’m in the city again today,another look is on the cards.
  11. Yes Dipples,them and Windsor Bishop bought from both many times.
  12. Had to go into the city this morning,while there I looked in the window of one of my favourite jewellers.Front and centre was a display of E B watches, next to Bremont.Quite surprised really,I had them down as not so special brand,am I missing somthing.
  13. Terrible,I would send it back without delay.
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