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  1. How about this great lump of steel,under your original budget ,sits well on my eight inch wrist.if you need more weight add a bracelet.
  2. Have to say weight of a watch has never crossed my mind.
  3. All the best to both of you
  4. Yes my old eyes struggle with this silver hands.
  5. I don’t pay much attention to dress or casual,just wear what I like.
  6. Strap is going to be changed,the deployant clasp digs in my eight inch wrist,and I’m thinking of having the hour and minute hands painted white. I was torn between the two,the light dial is lovely .
  7. Another E/O strap and a pair of non slip feet for my ladder.
  8. An elastic strap from the watch steward
  9. Definitely possibly perhaps the last one for 2020.
  10. I try not to overburden my poor old brain with such trivia,see it,want it ,buy it ,simples.
  11. Your watch ,your call.My autos are on winders,Quartz are in peli cases.
  12. Strewth,I had one of those back in the day.
  13. I’ve bought from them ,all good.
  14. Pair of Oakley sunglasses ordered,my old ones broke on the dog walk this morning.
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