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  1. @Daveyboyz Thanks For your comment!! I would have guessed around 90's as well but its nice to hear someone else thinking the same as me. It's why I was waiting to find one like this for the same reasons as yourself - I much prefer this kind of constellation because I just find it really subtle and tasteful an as you say it fits under a cuff so well. I wear a lot of suits for work too and it's just a really nice compliment to the day to day clothes I wear. Thanks for helping flesh out my understanding
  2. Hello all, I am new to the forum so my deepest apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've recently purchased an Omega Constellation. I've been a long time lover of this watch and finally took the plunge. I'm going to take it for a little service in the coming days, but wondered if any of you wonderful horologist types could tell me about it? I know there are so many variation's on the constellations Thanks! J
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