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  1. Another one for an Omega Seamaster. I keep going back to it all the time and I have a thing for Omega watches for sure.
  2. I also think it is a nice watch but a bit boring and I would have gone for a cheaper Seiko. I would have used the rest of the money to buy my girlfriend a pony for Christmas.
  3. For me just on looks alone, it would have to be the Omega. I am not a huge fan of the Tudor.
  4. There is some noise in these shots which looks like you had the ISO set quite high. I use a D3300 and 35mm 1.8, not the easiest lens to use for this kind of photography I know. I use a speed light always with indoor photography, which allows me to keep my ISO at 100 so I get a crisp shot. Not trying to be a critique but just helping out
  5. Really like the samurai. Not too fond of the shape of the turtle so Samurai for me.
  6. No, I would go for anything else that costs around the same price.
  7. I have a Fitbit and a Kronaby and I hardly ever wear them. The Kronaby looks quite nice but I do not use it as a smart watch so I am afraid all the smart functions on these things are wasted on me.
  8. For the price you have mentioned, I would much prefer a Seiko over much else. I think they hold their own for a cheaper watch and are seen as a fashionable brand. Tissot are another option but a bit boring for me.
  9. Mine was Instagram. I actually never wore a watch before about 2 years ago. I run a fashion blog do I was sent various watches from companies to review and post on my page. Now I am in love with them and I cannot believe I never wore one before. I got a job working for a fashion company and we are currently designing a mens watch to release at some point. Not sure when. Funny how it happened by accident for me and now my life involves working with them. Weird how things happen in life sometimes.
  10. Yes I do not know why anyone would spend close to that on a start up either. Baffles me.
  11. Hi guys, What is your opinion on these new brands 'disrupting' the luxury watch industry with 'affordable' alternatives?
  12. Yes sorry, I am mainly talking about the Royal Oak range. I quite like the Jules Audemars Chronograph.
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