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  1. Thank you. I will put photos on when my computer literate friend visits. For info the inner case is hallmarked Chester with what looks like a 1920 letter. And is marked Stolkace British Made CAS. Thank you
  2. Hi. I have collected watches that I like for twenty years. This watch I bought some years ago at auction. It is a 32 mm case in 9ct gold and Rolex Sports on the dial with Made in Switzerland at the very bottom. My worry is that according to research there should be a number between the lugs toward the six o'clock position. None present. There is a number inscribed in Roman numerals at the seven o'clock being 18. It is marked 9 CT gold.Also I can't find a record that this particular model was made in the time period. Any news. Good or bad would be appreciated.being computer useless I can't find a way to load pics from my tabs gallery
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