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  1. @Speedy112 yeah, fair but did he wear one this size?
  2. thanks for the useful input guys and gals. wealth of knowledge here.
  3. Hi Guys and Gals,How many versions of the MB NICOLAS RIEUSSEC are there?I dont mean material variations as in steel, gold etc. I mean models like home time, rising hour etc.
  4. Hi guys and gals,Is the Cartier Tank watch in the pictures attached a mens or womens version of the Tank? https://ibb.co/8xwb5Rc https://ibb.co/k01vSRD https://ibb.co/HPPNDjF https://ibb.co/cc7j0DR https://ibb.co/m5NfxcL
  5. Hi Guys! New member here! I'm Dee from London. Just got my first ever high end watch. Not that high end but its the most expensive watch i have ever had by FAR. It was gifted to me by mt dad. He got it a long time ago and never used it and gave it to me the other day. Its a Cartier LC Tank. Beaut. Anyway, he got it some 20 years ago. At some point he removed the battery and just had a new one put in the other week before he gave it to me. I set the time and wore it for a day all seemed fine. Then the next day i went to put it on and its like the watch stopped working randomly in the night, the time was wrong and wasn't changing. I corrected the time and it worked from then on. A few hours later ( maybe 5) i looked at the time and it was wrong again. The watch had frozen once again like the time before. Corrected the time again and it worked again. Did this thing where i checked it every ten minutes for an hour or so and all was good. Then the next morning it was frozen again. When i wind the dial to correct the time it works. After a few hours it stops. Any ideas? I cant afford the £350 or so to send it off to get checked etc.
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