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  1. @Chromejob I get everything you are saying and that my initial post was not 100% clear. It wasn't your opinion, more the demeaning way in which it was written. Ok I am a new member, But I did go through the correct channels to make the post as a new member. Said I would do my best to get a moderator to be present for the draw. My address also being another massive factor why would a con man give out his address. Let alone the negative impact on my company. Trust me I have thick enough skin, Please do not take my reply as a shot at your opinion I was merely sticking up for myself. What you had written in the way it was written could completely disrupt any little chance I had of anything happening through this forum. And I look forward to them chiming in, I have nothing to hide and this was just a genuine attempt to earn money for a good cause.
  2. @hughlle Hi, All the money will go to charity, the watch has also been bought specifically to raffle and I can correspond the date I first asked admin to my receipt if proof is needed that I am not just trying to loose outlay on second hand market.
  3. @Chromejob Brand new user that spoke to admin and went through the correct channels to post this. Also who is selling tickets through platforms that offer mass security to buyers through a LTD company that has my name and house address through a simple google. Charity will be a Gofundme that will be active and users will see when it goes in for a bone cancer operation that is not payed for by the NHS and costs around 70k. I said that i would not go into the charity side of it as I wanted to test the waters to see if people would be interested. I am not earning anything not even for my time. The money that was spent on the watch will be donated as well as everything earned. If you knew Rolex dealers at all then you would know that they are not allowed to leave the stickers on once a watch is sold now as they face the potential to loose Rolex authorised dealership, the hang tags are attached I can show photos, and pre owned I would use loosely as the person who won it will have there name on the warranty card but whatever you want to throw at me. You have also made an incorrect statement as NCMA tickets are $100 however they sell 4000 tickets not 2500. Overall I get the suspicion you have of me, however I feel like you trying to hang me out to dry is unjustified, I went through all the correct channels and I am hiding none of my personal information. @Davey P Hi, I respect you saying that however I guess you are referencing the house in hampshire? I really get what you are saying but that raffle is selling 250,000 tickets at £25 each, Ok if you win thats fantastic but the odds of 250000/1 are a unjust comparison to 180/1. And in that raffle a corporation is making 3 million pound. I get what you mean that you want £50 to be life changing, but for small odds I think to some people it would be worth it. Especially to anyone who has always wanted a Rolex. I hope this doesn't come across as rude, I am just trying to shine light on my point, and you are obviously a valued member here. And thank you for your kind words at the end! All the best
  4. @richy176 if it was the lower price it would be 260 tickets roughly, I personally have a 2016 Rolex Submariner Date in black, which I could put up instead as they are both in my collection. But yes I have purchased the watch as I wouldnt try and sell tickets for something I did not have in hand. But if the raffle does not work out ill just keep it for myself.
  5. Have I done something wrong? I spoke to admin and moderators have been informed before I posted this, or was I meant to go down another channel beforehand?
  6. Hello everyone, Before I get started this is just to test the water to see if the forum is interested. I have spoken to Roy and he has asked the powers at be and I am allowed to post this but must make it very clear that the forum and Roy are not in any way involved in this. So here we go, I am running a raffle for a brand new Rolex Datejust 41mm with white gold bezel, this is bought from an authorised dealer and comes with all box and paperwork. The current value on this watch is £7200. https://imgur.com/a/kLSuSJf The reason I am doing this is I need to raise money for a charitable cause which on approval of the future post I will go into more detail of, all tickets will be sold through my website which uses Stripe and Paypal which as buyers gives you mass protection. Also with it being done through a LTD company I am not hiding from anything as my full name and office address are public knowledge. The next point is ticket price would people prefer a £35 or £50, with a number of tickets of 180 or 260. I would also try and arrange with any moderator of the forum for them to be present for the draw and I am more than happy to travel to them to do so. If you would be interested please comment so I know if its worth while putting in the forum or not, Thank you all! Jack
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