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  1. Watchgang or any watch subscription money making scheme should be avoided at all costs. Sure one lucky member will receive a used Rolex Datejust worth a couple of thousand dollars very month. But....... and its a huge but . The watches you will receive will be total crap from mostly unrecognised companies . They say the retail price will be at least 5 times the amount you pay but whose retail price are they talking about I think some ludicrously high made up figure. And try selling this junk on their swap site or Facebook. They buy them cheap because no sod want them..
  2. Hi All. Perhaps someone can help me I am looking for a skilled watchmaker who can relume my Marcello C Nettuno it’s a brilliant watch just the lume isn’t great. I would like it relume in the brightest lume possible probably C1 a+ and I would like the hands changed to snowflake. Can anyone recommend someone.
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