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  1. Got a few things from them before. The item is shipped by the manufacturer and not Drop themselves. The headphone and watch I bought got charged customs without fail, it might be still worth it but do add that cost into account (+20%VAT + £8-12 processing fee + 2-3weeks shipping).
  2. Automatic 39mm-42mm diameter max 13mm depth ETA, Seiko in house or in house movement Dive, Racer or GMT (I tend to love watch with bezel ring of sorts) No chronograph function (chrono tend to be too fat, and also I don't like second hand not moving at 12) I love good quality, super clean finishing raised marker and logo on the dial, like on Omega Seamaster or De Ville watches. I tend to stay away from painted dials with exceptions like Max Bill or Speedmaster.
  3. You can own it and still be a watch person. 'Smart watches' like GPS or heart rate monitor are sometimes a necessity.
  4. Not a problem for most, Swiss watches in Switzerland tend to have higher RRP than UK so it’s simply not worth buying it there. It’s annoying really when you consider that they have lower VAT. Steinhart is the only exception there and since it’s Steinhart it is probably just under the £390 duty free limit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I just came back from a holiday to Switzerland and visited the official dealer in Bern called watch lounge who actually had stock of every Steinhart model so I had a field day in there (wife and daughter not impressed). Eventually bought an Ocean One 39 GMT - was torn between that and Ocean 2 but I really wanted 39mm. Swiss VAT (7.7%) gets refunded too so extra bonus. From memory all the watches came with steel bracelet except for the rose gold Ocean One which came with leather strap and that did look really nice. A little too 'special occasion shazam' but nice nevertheless. So no doubt Ocean 2 would be good too.
  6. Thanks for all the responses, really appreciate it. I'd actually wish it was like selling/buying car - because at least you have we buy any crap dot com that gives you an immediate price so you don't need to play funny games. So you immediately know what the cost of 'upgrade' is. Same with buying/selling camera gear. Shame watches are not the same.
  7. I thinking about trading in my 36mm Omega SMP for something else like a 41mm or Aqua Terra. Obviously my usual route is sell and buy off second hand market but I'm also a lazy git. What is your experience with trading in at AD? Do they take a fat cut or is it reasonable for the effort saved?
  8. Cyclops is lovely. It doesn't belong to Rolex. Take the homage comments and stick it.
  9. Hate to raise an alarm - on the warranty card it has the reference 3523.30.00 - that is not for this watch! So it smells off already. Maybe the watch is real, but with a fake card the resell value really bad if you can actually sell it on at all. You didn't specify what size, this model comes in 28cm which is for kids. Either way for the quartz <£1000 is the standard price (check on chrono24) for 28cm. £1200 from dealers for 41cm, so you'd have to sell for less and considering you'd have to pay Paypal fee etc you won't be making any money if you manage to sell it on. Quartz model are not be most sought after one. If there's no way out then I'd keep it, it is still a good looking watch.
  10. Once in a while the bay will have a Junghan with scratched or broken glass. It’s because they use acrylic so they tend to break easily. All you need to change it is a ten quid clamp and the glass is fifty quid genuine or a tenner for generic brand (I went for latter). The one above I paid slightly over the price for at £300 with slightly damaged dial, but considering new is £900 and used is well over £600 I think I did alright [emoji2]
  11. I do gyms in the morning so I need stopwatch function. Usually I wear my G-Shock for it. Occasionally I wear an auto with stopwatch function but it doesn't feel right. Then I usually switch to a diver for work like SMP, Steinhart Vintage, Citizen Panda etc. They are usually Nato straps - if I'm wearing Jeans/tee shirt or full steel bracelet if I'm in a shirt. If I go out in evening and I happen to drop by home I do tend to switch for something more classier. Such as my blue hand paint enamel Seiko, Steinhart Regulator, or retro Smiths Everest. The all have good quality blue or leather straps.
  12. Good to know someone has tried them. I completely forgot customs when I ordered my headphones! We’ll see what happens
  13. So I got targeted by a Facebook ad - normally I'd ignore it but this caught my attention some how. The company is called Massdrop, they basically lurk in forums and pick out old, discontinued but very well rated products. Then they goto the manufacturer to make a bulk purchase deal on behalf of the community and takes a cut (kinda mix of crowdfunding + broker business). I bought a pair of headphones from them (paying £12 to ship to UK), we'll see if I receive it. The and watches section looks very interesting though. Some examples: Glycine for $500+$5 delivery to UK. Without extensive research this seems to be a good deal money wise. New seems to retail at £1200 and used goes for about £800 on chono24. Not my type of watch, but definitely nice. Oris Audi GMT for $800+$19 delivery to UK. This is my style of watch and I would have taken the plunge if it wasn't for the Audi sponsor (I drive a Nissan, can't get away with this haha). The retail price here is about the same as used, so not quite a great deal but a good one nevertheless. Seiko turtle (SRPB1X) for $130 anyone? It's about the same price as those on Singapore grey market website so not quite what you call a saving, but the warranty thing is interesting here. You are technically buying directly from the manufacturer, but because it is part of a bulk buy you are not covered like you would via an authorised dealer. Instead, Massdrop would honour the anything that the manufacturer guarantee would cover, so you need to contact them and they'll act as proxy to the manufacturer. This sounds slightly better than grey market but no experience yet obviously.
  14. My strategy was one in per month. Then 2 out 1 in. Repeat until you get the watch you really want without incurring the wrath from the missus! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Is this the one where they take you to Germany in a country hotel for 2 weeks? I saw this in BHI and I thought it’s a good man cave holiday and away from ahem household management for 2 weeks. I was really tempted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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