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  1. Oh wow! Poor you - get well soon! And, err, hang on tight to that watch....
  2. I have two out of the three you are looking at, and a bit of a thing for German watches, so can make some suggestions. My two from your list are the Junghans Max Bill, and Stowa Marine. Both are very nice watches, but the Stowa calls to me rather louder and gets far more wrist time. Beyond your list, from my personal experience, I would also add: Union Glashütte Panoramadatum Stowa Seatime Stowa Flieger Nomos Orion All were inside your budget, except the Nomos which was £1,150. All were bought secondhand.
  3. That looks lovely Davey, and the dial is quite similar to this Helvetia (but your Avia looks in better nick)
  4. I've been wearing this a lot recently
  5. I bloody hate them eclectic showers! I do feel that this advertiser could have used the eleven years planning time slightly more productively, instead of posting the message above. <sigh>
  6. Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Take care!
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