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  1. The one that didn't appear on the sale list.... ... just saying...
  2. @Jonesinamillion, a really nice collection, thanks for sharing. My favourite is the Dan Hodge, but then I'm biased. Mine says hello...
  3. Lovely - enjoy it for many years to come.
  4. I can't help feeling the message got garbled somewhere along the way...
  5. With due thanks for the apologies and your kind thoughts. However, respectfully Sir, I would suggest you are making a grave mistake. The two... what shall we say... quite acceptable timepieces, should be moved on to free up space for a more deserving article of quality and artistry. In other words, go on, gissus a chance! Seriously though, what your good lady wife suggests is indeed a great opportunity. But personally I would find the sale part rather daunting and liable to be prone to subsequent remorse. I might try to find alternative ways of achieving the same objective. An "Arc B" box of currently less highly regarded watches put away in a cupboard? A pre-emptive hand-me-down to, IIRC, your son? I'm sure there are other, much better, strategies. The very best of luck!
  6. A fantastic collection, thank you for sharing it. And thank you also for photographing and describing so clearly. My favourite is probably the Jaeger LeCoultre.
  7. A lovely collection. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Great watches; wearing mine today.
  9. I've bought quite a few cameras and lenses on eBay, and no problems so far. I tend to go for professional cameras, the model before the current one. I got a 1Ds mk III about three years ago for £800, and a 7D mk II about the same time for £700. I'm sure those prices will have come down a lot since then, but I'm happy with what I have and stopped looking. I have bought a variety of L lenses for typically less than £500 each. Zooms, prime lenses and even tilt shift lenses - again no problems and a big discount off the new price. You obviously do need to read between the lines in the advert, try to start a conversation with the vendor to get a measure of the person, and be prepared to wait - I must have walked away from several hundred offers. Good luck
  10. We were in Settle, doing a number of walks in the Settle, Clapham and Ingleton area. My wife is recovering from a broken ankle (Christmas), and my son is a wanna-be gamer so feels he should be allergic to fresh air and exercise, so we weren't sure how much walking we would be able to do this year, but it went very well. We also had a day trip over to Heysham to have a tour of the nuclear power station, which was very interesting (anyone tempted to do this, please note that it needs to be booked at least three weeks in advance).
  11. Well done on the 10 year anniversary - here are my transformation pics:
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