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  1. Tell me about it! Let's hope we can ski this winter.
  2. Can your heart take the work of lugging that watch around? Wishing you all the best with those test results!
  3. OK, straight swap - teenage boy for the PanoReserve!
  4. @Roy I sympathise. I have a GS with a very similar dial / hand set (though not a Spring Drive). It can be hard to read in some lights, but I find that a slight change of viewing angle will pick up the reflections on the facets. However, if you decide you cannot go on with it, as many have suggested above, I am prepared to make a sacrifice (in recognition of the debt we owe you) and swap your illegible watch for this highly readable Limited Edition:
  5. Sadly yes! My brother-in-law brought two 1980s film camera round and left them for me to "look at". Well, I looked and called back - they're knackered, I said. Oh, he said, can't you tell me if they are worth repairing, or see if you can repair them and then tell me how much they are worth... sigh!
  6. Happy St George's Day everyone
  7. Boots


    Very interesting... but far beyond me I'm sorry to say. I never would have spotted any link between those two pieces. Nice watch, with a good inscription and a tale!
  8. Boots


    @Wowbagger That looks lovely! Are you going to tell us the story?
  9. From only 2018, but with a vintage A Schild movement
  10. I'm sure someone much more knowledgeable will be along in a moment, but my view, based on one GS (entry level) and two modern Seikos (plus one vintage) is they are completely different animals. I always find the GS a complete delight to wear.
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