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  1. @Bricey, you do know they're not listening to you? But I admire your continued determination to call out the bots. I think it might take a little while!
  2. Two lovely watches - enjoy!
  3. Oops, someone broke it! Shame, because it looked very good.
  4. Buy both and send me the one you don't like so much. ...or, failing that, get your first choice - much classier in my view.
  5. This from 1966 (as indeed it has been for most of the past month, I don't seem to be able to change it!)
  6. I don't think he's diving at the moment... @rafy1 is somewhere altogether chillier.
  7. Vintage Eterna, and you'll have money left over.
  8. I'm very happy with my Stowa pilot's watch. Sorry, I can't comment on any of the other makes.
  9. Such sad news - he lives on in our memories.
  10. A very varied and interesting collection - thanks for showing us!
  11. Yup, I'll keep mine crossed for you too. I'm in the same boat, and really missing it. I thought about Scotland too, but after reading about it decided it was a bit too risky on the snow front - really hope it works out for you!
  12. Perhaps if they can't tell the difference between one and two?
  13. I think it look interesting. Thanks for finding it, and letting us know.
  14. That's what I suspected - thanks for clarifying!
  15. Happy Christmas everyone, and here's hoping to a much, much, better New Year!
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