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  1. Well, thank you Sir! I can assure you that: i) Some items in the collection are not displayed in public ii) The camera can, sometimes, flatter iii) That particular piece (although lovely to wear) seems to have had a dial change executed by a man equipped with a pair of pliers - but since it is the same age as me, and sometimes I feel like I have had parts changed by a man with a pair of pliers, I forgive it.
  2. Second MeisterSinger of the day ( @AVO )
  3. OK, my attempt with Stowa (first three from my collection, the last from t'internet) Diver Pilot Dress Beater (not sure Stowa would be very happy here...)
  4. That is lovely! Well done Sir! ..... should you find yourself with a redundant PanoReserve - I could look after it for you!
  5. Well, I can't see any adjustment mechanism?
  6. Thank you! It is lovely and really deserves a better strap - I'll get round to it one day.
  7. @Roy Very good of you to offer - I hope it wouldn't become too much of a chore for you.
  8. I've seen the pictures - Davey does have the chest for it!
  9. Thanks for the information about the Bloodhound dials. Well, personally, if the watch looked like the one top right, I'd be all in favour of it. For me, it's the mix of hour and minute numerals, and in different materials too, which causes me problems. But, each to his/her own. That's what makes this forum so interesting.
  10. I don't think it one of their best designs.
  11. I agree that it wouldn't be a big loss.
  12. Oi! Don't you go taking the name of the saintly Delia (blessed be her scales) in vain! To save @Roger the Dodger the bother, 9.02 oz is 255g.
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