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  1. Hi all Many thanks for your replies. Apologies for the late response from me but I've been away for a while. The dates mentioned tie in with what I thought might be the case. Best wishes Jon
  2. Hi everyone I hope that someone could please help me with dating my Hamilton Ventura watch. I've had a look through the pinned Dating Vintage Watches post, but couldn't find anything on Hamilton's, so apologies if I missed it!I've had my Hamilton Ventura watch for around 3 years now (having had it shipped over from Hawaii), and I'm just curious as to how old it might be, along with a possible value. I know that it's not a particularly rare watch, but I'm just curious.The photographs show that it's a Registered Edition with a 6251A code. I've asked Hamilton my questions but they didn't respond. Photograph 1 Photograph 2 Many thanks for your help.Jon
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