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  1. I'll take a risk at £2.50 If its not a major player watch, check sold listings on ebay to give you an Idea
  2. I'll PM you my address and you can send all the watches you dont like to "FREE OF CHARGE". You cant say fairer than that
  3. I have my own room in the dog house...lovely watch!!
  4. not a stupid question at all , simply put I dont know as I have various watches claiming the same size strap but some are alot shorter than others. I really think they should be measuredNOT including watch. but what do i know lol
  5. I find that also, some Mid-size watches look like ladies watches on me LOL
  6. Am I the only one with big wrist's??? At 23cm I find getting OEM straps to fit a nightmare...anyone else suffer with this and how do you adapt your bracelets to fit???
  7. and this is what I spent my money on....... F1 Formula One Chronograph Fia edition with white dial https://photos.app.goo.gl/VvzzXiCSf6PTSSaq8
  8. "rubber crown guards are AWOL, Those are impossible to replace, the rubber is integral to the actual case". . Kevkojak many thanks for pointing that out, Didnt think it was that much of an issue till I read your reply and looked deeper. you have saved me £200 many thanks, but I have now brought a more expensive one so you have cost me more . just dont tell the wife. just goes to show how useful forums like this are for us noobies
  9. sorry lnk to heres pic was not work in previous post heres my oddity.. https://photos.app.goo.gl/beLZtnmdEuddt5yL9
  10. got these 2 tags one yesterday and one today, for some reason they wont load up normally https://photos.app.goo.gl/D4j6DHDkYzXAXVQq6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/UqZ49f3mQJMGg3rWA
  11. Hi All guess I should have started here first. I'm Graham, live in Towcester, Northants UK I have a modest collection of about 150 watches mainly Seiko and Citizen but also have some TAG's, Raymond Wiel, Bulova and few junghans . however my general knowledge is quite poor ,but getting better (I think).
  12. many thanks for the replies, if I see a used tag I like I'll be getting that I think
  13. I have a budget of £500 for another watch......but should I get a 'nice' used tag heuer. Or go for a less expensive different make 'new'..Seen loads of both I like, but I dont want to lose to much money if I ever have to sell it this is a simple new or used question not looking for models to be recommended ........thats for later lol
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