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  1. Hi Thanks so much for your reply. That sounds like a very good idea, to fill and then re-drill! The watch broke several years ago and the glass also broke, but it still worked afterwards but of course i stopped using it. I will have the batteries replaced and see if it still works and get back to you about fixing it. Thanks so much for your help.
  2. Hi :) i have a Pierpont bracelet watch of great sentimental value, that noone seems to think can be fixed, and it breaka my heart! Ive attached a photo. There used to be some gold welded on top of that pin, which must have come lose. I've been told by jewelers this cannot be welded but i dobt see why not? I saw online that some jewelers have a laser that "spits" gold onto such open gashes? Is there no hope? I'm very grateful for any advice! :)
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