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  1. I understand the concept of a ‘grail watch’ (hate that term), but just don’t think I am the kind of person to ever be content. In saying that one of me dream watches (just now) is an A Lange & Sohne Tourbillon. Don’t think you get much better
  2. Haha yup exact same experience mate!! Took a crow bar to prize my jaw from the floor
  3. I usually buy, with the intention of selling something else in the collection, then buy again, with the intention of selling something else in the collection.....and the vicious cycle continues! i would say only sell to upgrade, if your not then that’s when you could potentially get buyers remorse
  4. Like i said, that’s from my experience. And value does not necessarily equate to high horology
  5. From my personal experience I have couple of Pateks and a rose gold JLC I would class a league above a steel Rolex. A Daytona is nice buy certainly not high horology
  6. Plain and simply that’s a cool watch. A lot bang for your buck
  7. My wife and I have a deal....every time I buy a watch she gets to buy a handbag. It’s certainly slower down my watch buying! Some of those handbags are well into 4 figures, ridiculous.
  8. Oh yes! Buy that omega Deville!! Pure class
  9. Thanks guys. Wouldnt exactly class a Daytona as the big league but a very nice watch all the same.
  10. That NATO is perfect for that watch! Lovely choice
  11. After searching for months, I finally found a Daytona in mint condition (with full set) at a really good price. Arrived yesterday but just tried it on.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/e100elqk97h7r5r/Photo 29-10-2018%2C 09 48 42.jpg?dl=0 ...oh excuse my terrible photography. Really need to improve
  12. Yup I agree with the big man. The prize is simply not good enough for the ticket price. For me personally anyway. Pat on the back though for to raise money for a good cause
  13. Haha just admit it Jonny you were caught out trying to be smart and failed miserably. Good attempt to try and change the subject though after being proven to be wrong again. I do find your mad rants amusing
  14. Oh somebody is touchy about Breitling haha. Ehhh have you tried looking on the internet?? Even you should find one there. Tag F1 chrono for example. Made a fool of yourself there mate
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