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  1. Early start today for our walk up Snowdon.
  2. I can understand that. But it’s also great to have a watch that you enjoy so much too
  3. Q Timex. Hodinkee Limited Edition
  4. Vostok Komandirskie GMT 650539
  5. Yes that’s the one I’m liking!
  6. No I won’t. IF I do end up getting one and it has the presentation box I’ll offer it free to anyone who wants it.
  7. Hi Graham. Many thanks for the reply and information. Very helpful. The Sellita movement seems to be quite popular and reliable. I’m sure I’ve had it in a previous watch but can’t remember which one! Ive seen a 1925 model that I like with Roman numerals. Im really not too bothered which box it arrived in as I’m planning on emigrating next month and can’t take boxes etc with me. Thanks very much indeed Many thanks. I’d probably end up doing the same as you the bracelet as I prefer leather too. I’ve tried a couple of Tissot models in a retailer so it’s handy to have a comparison re quality. Thanks again
  8. Morning. Can I ask your opinion of this brand please? I’m interested in possibly getting one as a second dress watch. Thanks
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