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  1. I think i need one of these. Really nice
  2. I had an SKX007J but sold it after 6 months. I liked it but the lack of handwinding was a nuisance.
  3. Day off today. Sorting record collection/listening. Got Tool, Fear Innoculum blaring out. Have a great day all
  4. I’ve been so close to buying a 033 or 035 so many times, but never actually gone through with it. Hope you enjoy your 033 Nige
  5. Hi and thanks for the reply. Does your 8 year old model have hand winding please?
  6. Afternoon all. Have recently been getting more and more interested in older Citizen models. I’m quite keen on getting a 1970’s NY0040. Does anyone here have one (or even a slightly older version), and what are your opinions please. How does this model compare with Seiko’s SKX007J? Cheers in advance
  7. I thought for a second you meant those horrible hands! To be fair, that’s a right blunder. Should have been spotted well before sale point
  8. My daughter worked for Newgate in Oswestry for four years. We have a couple of their wall clocks.
  9. If I HAD to choose between those two, the CWC
  10. Hi Alex Many thanks for the information. Appreciate it. I’ll have a look Ian
  11. I like this a lot. Which model is it please?
  12. Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations
  13. Two gorgeous additions. Congratulations!!
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