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  1. Quiet afternoon in watching Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with Seiko Sea Horse
  2. Quite possibly true. Even in the small North Wales village where I live, there are 3 BMW M3’s, 2 Audi RS4’s, so as you say maybe more accessible.
  3. Spot on. I still get excited using mine. Wonder if youngsters nowadays dream of getting a BMW, Honda, Audi, Seat, Vauxhall or a Ford?
  4. Purchased this week, Ray 11 Blue. Decided to change from bracelet to leather. Very impressed so far. The newer movement has manual winding and hacking
  5. Yep. Have to agree. I do quite like it but too expensive
  6. Morning all from a freezing North Wales. First nightshift almost done. Workhorse Timex Expedition Scout Ltd Edition Have a great day all!
  7. I put off buying one for now and bought my vintage Sea Horse instead. Christmas is coming though!
  8. What’s the list now? Cheapest I can see on there is £3050.
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