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  1. Gorgeous day at Lake Vyrnwy with SWMBO and Seiko SRP775
  2. Today’s albums included Springsteen - Western Stars Warren Zevon - Excitable Boy Jackson Browne - Solo Acoustic Vol 1 Nick Cave - Abattoir Blues/Lyre Of Orpheus
  3. Saw Lizzy three times. Superb band
  4. Lazy day watching The Open Championship on tv. Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic 38mm
  5. Many thanks. Read a few reviews and all seemed positive. Mine has been fitted with the Seiko rubber strap. But I’m glad you posted yours on an Engineer bracelet as I was thinking of buying one and so it’s good to see how it looks beforehand. Cheers
  6. Can I ask your opinion on the 775 please? Just bought one, should receive it tomorrow. Thanks
  7. Absolutely beautiful Absolutely beautiful
  8. Never used a bezel. But I do like lume. Only to look at mind you. Not for anything useful. Oooooh shiny!
  9. Many thanks for the reply and information. Very helpful. Right now can’t decide between a Tuna, Samurai or a Sumo
  10. Can I ask your opinion on the Tuna please? Thinking of getting one find a gas station near me New to me Vostok. Needs some tidying but bought extremely cheap. Quite liking it
  11. Wrexham is 9 miles from me!
  12. True. And apparently he’s(Nadal) left it in the locker room a few times after matches, and had to run back hoping it was still there!
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