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  1. Great information. Many thanks really appreciate it. Time to shop!
  2. Apologies for jumping in. Just ordered this Amphibia 100842 for a first mod project. Only looking to change bezel, insert and put on a strap. Can I ask where people are buying their parts please? I’ve looked on One Second Closer, AM Watches and DLW. Also is it possible to use Seiko bezel and inserts on an Amphibia please? If so which do I look for? Cheers in advance
  3. Not sure I have truly favourite brands or hate particular ones either. There are many brands who have models I love, but also have models I dislike. And brands who have many models that I dislike but also some I do like.
  4. Happy retirement mate. Hope you enjoy every second of it
  5. I think i need one of these. Really nice
  6. I had an SKX007J but sold it after 6 months. I liked it but the lack of handwinding was a nuisance.
  7. Day off today. Sorting record collection/listening. Got Tool, Fear Innoculum blaring out. Have a great day all
  8. I’ve been so close to buying a 033 or 035 so many times, but never actually gone through with it. Hope you enjoy your 033 Nige
  9. Hi and thanks for the reply. Does your 8 year old model have hand winding please?
  10. Afternoon all. Have recently been getting more and more interested in older Citizen models. I’m quite keen on getting a 1970’s NY0040. Does anyone here have one (or even a slightly older version), and what are your opinions please. How does this model compare with Seiko’s SKX007J? Cheers in advance
  11. I thought for a second you meant those horrible hands! To be fair, that’s a right blunder. Should have been spotted well before sale point
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