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  1. All down to personal taste. I’d get the Tudor.
  2. JayJay - not sure where you are basedbut there’s a TAG Store at Cheshire Oaks outlet village near Ellesmere Port. Apologies if that’s too far away
  3. It’s just that each episode is about the other musician. He’s more of an interviewer. They’re worth watching if you like any of the artists featured
  4. Not really worth watching if you’re only interested in Johnson.
  5. Watched this earlier this afternoon. Forgot just what an incredible guitarist Knopfler is
  6. I think the lug width is more noticeable with the bracelet fitted. Only my taste but I far prefer leather straps on certain style of watches. I think I’ve decided that if I buy one of these it will be a manual not automatic. I like the idea of a manual wind, and with this particular model, I definitely prefer the aesthetics of the manual too. I’d like a diver style watch but an understated one. Another reason why this model appeals. I’m struggling to think of others in the same price bracket that offer similar quality and styling
  7. Please feel free to message me should you decide to sell. Does yours come with the leather strap too? I prefer leather to bracelet that’s all Thanks
  8. I noticed that earlier. Brings the price down to £590! I’m hesitant because although I like the idea of another automatic, I think I prefer the aesthetic of the manual model
  9. Thanks for the replies. Didn’t realise there was an automatic version too
  10. Afternoon all. Nearly the weekend! I have recently been aware of Christopher Ward watches. And in particular the C65 Trident Diver. This looks a really nice model. Seriously considering buying one. I don’t have a diver since I sold my Aquaracer. This looks quite classy and understated. Anyone here got/had one? What were your impressions please re build quality, accuracy, comfort? How is the Sellita SW210 movement? Many thanks in advance
  11. Congratulations. Great choice. Quite fancy one myself. Cheeky question but did you get this inside your original budget please?
  12. I don’t buy ‘fashion’ watches to be honest
  13. Tend to agree. Easy to jump in and buy with proper research only to find said watch is not what you are looking for. I prefer to go and actually see it and try it on before buying
  14. Thank you. Compared to other watches in that price bracket it looks a good buy
  15. Thanks. This model is around £2000 in uk?
  16. Wow. The 1968 is just beautiful. Would love one. Can I ask your opinion of it please?
  17. Didn’t think that was possible
  18. Hi vinn. Many thanks. I’m actually looking for a birth year (1960) vintage model now. And possibly an Interstellar later in the year. Which models do you have? Ian
  19. Hi. What is the model in the centre of the three pictures please?
  20. Andy - sorry, wasn’t saying you should buy one, just that I could see a cosmetic similarity. I believe the Smiths watches are very good Very classy looking model.
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