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  1. Hi and thanks for the reply. Can I ask which vintage models you are considering please? Many say that the Bambino is slightly large for a dress watch although I’m open minded Ian
  2. Hi everyone. Hope you’re all having a good day. Quick question.I don’t currently own a dress type watch. Have a special occasion at the end of December and thinking of buying a dress watch to wear for it. Don’t want to spend over £200 really. Have seen video reviews of the Orient Bambino. And am interested. Anyone own one of these? If so what are your impressions please? Would you recommend or are there better alternatives at that price point?Cheers in advance
  3. Hi all. Just wondering if any members here own any of these models please? Thinking of getting one as a day to day works watch. Not sure if I prefer automatic or mechanical. Don’t really want quartz. If anyone has one, what are your opinions please? Any specific faults? Build quality issues? All information and advice gratefully received.Ian
  4. Buy it! So there are some 58s available in the country right now? Thought it was waiting list only?
  5. Andy Thank you again for the reply. I’m currently researching Tudor models. And I’ll definitely be trying on any models I’m interested in buying before parting with any cash. Ian
  6. Hi Andy I was asked earlier in the thread if I would consider used. Yes I would. Assuming all papers and box etc are present along with record of servicing. My wrist size is 7’’. As regards watch size, my TAG Aquaracer is a 40mm, and I definitely don’t want anything bigger than that Ian
  7. Excellent points. Totally understandable. May change my mind when I actually go to try some on
  8. Thanks. At the moment, without trying any on, I’m favouring a strap over a bracelet
  9. Really not sure I like the styling of this model Colt. Not doubting the quality, just the aesthetics Ian
  10. I’m not sure that an old man in a sports car is such a good look
  11. Davey To be honest, I wouldn’t normally spend this much. But you only retire once (hopefully). At present, my most expensive watch is my TAG Aquaracer at half of the budget I have available for the next watch Also, if I find a model I really like for well under budget, then I won’t spend the full £4k I totally agree that I have to go in and try all models on before buying. I won’t be buying blind. Ian
  12. Hi all. I’m looking at retiring fairly soon and would like to buy myself a new watch as a treat! I suppose I’m looking at a bit of an all rounder as I’d wear it most days. I’m thinking it doesn’t have to be waterproof to large depths as I don’t dive and wouldn’t swim with it on. Budget would be up to £4K. Models I’ve looked at online are Rolex Explorer, Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra, Montblanc Timewalker, Oris Propilot Worldwide and Longines Avigation Big Eye. I’m totally new to the world of more expensive watches so all advice is welcome. I currently have a TAG Aquaracer as my daily watch. I do appreciate that I need to go and actually try on these models. But was wondering if people own these here and what their general impressions are?Thanks in advance
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