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  1. You’ll still see this in every major city let alone remote villages. Drug addicts are drug addicts no matter which country they live in.
  2. I totally agree. Not interested
  3. Thanks. That’s answered my question
  4. Serious question from someone who has never seen any Parnis models ‘In the flesh’. How many different models are of their own design? Or do they just do copies?
  5. Our village station closed three years ago. Nearest one now is 6 miles away. That’s where I’d go. No problem. Anyway this is all just hypothetical.
  6. Just got a reply from my old mate in Colwyn Bay (North Wales Constabulary). He tells me they would never turn someone away who was trying to hand in lost property. This is obviously just one station in one Constabulary.
  7. I’ll contact my mate who’s in the North Wales Constabulary based at Colwyn Bay. See what the official North Wales Police stance would be on handing it in to them.
  8. And until asked, we wouldn’t know, would we. So that’s where I’d start. You wouldn’t. No problem
  9. I’d still take it to the police. I’d also post on local buy/sell/news groups. And on websites/owners groups. If that failed, at least I’d done what I could to return it
  10. Busy day. Now relaxing and watching City v Chelsea. Orient Ray 11 Lovely. These are definitely growing on me
  11. Quiet afternoon in watching Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with Seiko Sea Horse
  12. Quite possibly true. Even in the small North Wales village where I live, there are 3 BMW M3’s, 2 Audi RS4’s, so as you say maybe more accessible.
  13. Spot on. I still get excited using mine. Wonder if youngsters nowadays dream of getting a BMW, Honda, Audi, Seat, Vauxhall or a Ford?
  14. Purchased this week, Ray 11 Blue. Decided to change from bracelet to leather. Very impressed so far. The newer movement has manual winding and hacking
  15. Yep. Have to agree. I do quite like it but too expensive
  16. Morning all from a freezing North Wales. First nightshift almost done. Workhorse Timex Expedition Scout Ltd Edition Have a great day all!
  17. I put off buying one for now and bought my vintage Sea Horse instead. Christmas is coming though!
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