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  1. What’s the list now? Cheapest I can see on there is £3050.
  2. Is the first watch (on the brown leather), a Ray 1 please? If so, no manual winding/hacking? Cheers
  3. Think actually it was me that missed your link rather than Nigel. Had a read and it would appear that the models used were preselected by the magazine rather than by those ladies (only 100), surveyed. Explains a lot. Cheers
  4. Would be interesting to see the demographic of the ladies surveyed here. And how many were surveyed. It surprises me that many would actually know these exact models
  5. I’d give all 3 a thumbs down. There again I pay no attention to GQ or any other ‘fashion’ magazine. Nb I’m no fashion icon by the way!
  6. And that’s the only reason that matters
  7. But if you for instance own a certain watch, why would you care what someone else thinks about said watch?
  8. No idea why people would care what others think of their watch to be honest.
  9. I think we’re talking about personal taste. And just because I might not like something doesn’t mean others shouldn’t. I really don’t care for the majority of Breitling watches. But I do accept their quality and that they are very popular with others. I definitely prefer straps over bracelet on most models. I’m not keen on ‘designer’ watches. I prefer to buy from companies who specialise in said timepieces. As regards music I wouldn’t know the difference between rap and hip hop or garage or grime etc etc etc.
  10. Think I prefer the 035. I have a Bambino and the 033 is quite similar to that. I don’t currently own any model with a white/cream dial. So it would add variety.
  11. Many thanks Graham. Very nice indeed. I’m led to believe that these models are quite prone to marking? Similar in a way to my Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic 38mm. I plan on wearing mainly on leather straps rather than the bracelet. Would this make a suitable all round, every day watch? Im leaning towards the 035 but wondering if the 033 is more legible? Ian
  12. Morning all. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Just home after my first night shift. Japanese Grand Prix On. Raining heavily in North Wales. Thinking about adding either a SARB033 or SARB035 to my Seiko collection and wondered if anyone here has either model please? Would welcome your opinions and photos. Many thanks
  13. Bought a G Shock approximately 5 years ago to use specifically as a work watch, due to the apparent robustness of them. No idea which model it was. But it had both analogue and digital display and was a deep blue colour. It was ok. I actually wore it to go visit family in Thailand and my youngest brother-in-law pestered me for it. I gave in. He still has it. Never really been tempted to buy another
  14. TAG have stores in Retail Outlet Villages. An example is the one at Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port. I’ve seen one mentioned here at Bicester.
  15. My mistake. I forgot that the OP is looking at Chronograph models. Apologies. Obviously that rules out the standard Aquaracer. But IF chronograph features are not a necessity, I’d still prefer the Aquaracer to an F1
  16. If a TAG is your choice, a used Aquaracer would be the model to look for in that price bracket.
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