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  1. Planet Ocean is a very nice watch indeed.
  2. Certainly not knocking them as I realise how respected a brand they are. The basic Colt isn’t too bad and I do quite like some of the Super Ocean models. A friend has a ‘Bentley’ and another a ‘Navitimer’. Neither would appeal to me. But that’s just me
  3. Just a personal opinion but I don’t like the aesthetics of these. No doubt re the quality and accuracy. But they’re not for me I’m afraid.
  4. Have to say I think I’d be the same!
  5. I agree. Each to their own. I just prefer the BB58 insert style.
  6. Congratulations. Hope you enjoy it. Re the question of whether anyone actually uses the subdials, that’s one of the reasons I don’t own one, no need. The other is that my old eyes can’t read them!
  7. Never seen the Oris before. It’s very nice. I like the ‘cleaner’ dial. Nice looking watch. The bezel insert is a bit ‘busy’ though. I’m a huge fan of the BB58 and will buy one at some point. So that would be my personal choice. But the Oris is a worthy alternative and apparently a lot cheaper too
  8. Casio Turnip Head has a ring to it
  9. Seeing as england failed to qualify, maybe the Casio Baggio after he of the ‘Divine Ponytail’ Or the Casio Taylor? After Graham ‘Do I not like orange!’ Taylor (Bless his soul)
  10. forensic anthropology salary Nights tonight. So it’s the workhorse. Timex Expedition Scout Ltd Edition
  11. Nice watch. I quite like the strap too. Maybe try something with green stitching to match the second hand?
  12. Happy Birthday Sulie. Hope you’re having a great day
  13. There’s a YouTube video. They look good value. I like the movement update and ceramic bezel insert
  14. Agree with you re those skeleton hands, ugly. Can’t really help the OP with his decision as I’ve never owned or even worn either model. The Omega is obviously an exceptional watch and top build quality. On purely personal taste, I’m going to buck the trend and choose the BB58. Prefer the aesthetics. And it’s probably rarer too
  15. Timex Expedition Scout Limited Edition. Cheap, Quartz, bulletproof. In my working environment it’s all I need
  16. Thanks. Not heard of any BB58 being offered at a discount. Or indeed being readily available to just walk in and buy.
  17. Can I ask how much discount they offered you on the BB58 you tried please?
  18. Is there no longer a waiting list for the BB58?
  19. My daughter worked for Newgate. Forgot they made watches
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