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  1. My daughter worked for Newgate. Forgot they made watches
  2. Waiting for MRI scan. Vostok Amphibia Scuba Dude on grey perlon
  3. You would need arms like David Banner after he turned green to get away with that Timex!
  4. Looked at buying one maybe two years ago. Nice looking model. I’m a Seiko fan too. But ended up buying my Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic. For me nicer to wear, better power reserve too. And better vfm. If the new ones are much more expensive, then in my eyes they are way overpriced
  5. top 100 unique baby boy names Amphibia Scuba Dude
  6. Absolutely gorgeous. Many congratulations!
  7. Have seen this mentioned on Hamilton and Vostok pages recently. New models worn in shower allowing moisture in
  8. I’m sure I’m in the minority here but I’d buy the Speedy. Certainly the Apnea is unusual. But purely on personal taste I would not buy one. However it’s not my decision and I wish you good luck with whichever you buy
  9. I think he’s already bought one
  10. But have you still got that Seiko diver? Hopefully yes!
  11. exotic arabic names I remember seeing it on this one
  12. Nice mod Steve. Is the insert from One Second Closer?
  13. Dull day, so guitar practice, football, reading and the little Vostok. HAGWE everyone! Congratulations. Lovely watch. I just bought a Scuba Dude. Should be here on Monday Love it.
  14. Seiko SARB033 or 035 are both really nice. Also as a real vfm model that won’t get worn so much, an Orient Bambino fits the bill
  15. Grey, overcast, showery day here. So it’s a day indoors with the Hifi on!
  16. Last day off. Guitar practice with the Samurai
  17. Of the ones mentioned in the op, the IWC would be my choice. If I had to choose between the Breitling and Omega posted, the Omega by a country mile. Good luck in your search
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