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  1. Probably the nicest watch I’ve seen on here. Absolute class
  2. TAG Formula 1 is what it reminds me of
  3. Agree with you Graham re there always being lots of star watches here each day. My Samurai is a recent addition and so far I’m really impressed with it
  4. add photos online Latest addition. Samurai
  5. I think he’s partly correct. From a personal perspective I bought my Submariner about 8 years ago. Thought it was my grail. Right now my choice would be an Explorer. But I’d say that that would be because my tastes have changed
  6. Seiko Sarb are lovely watches. Great choice
  7. Look like the two that tried robbing Kolasinac and Ozil, and soiled themselves when Kolasinac went for them. Scum
  8. 1000 baby names and meanings Lovely few hours in the garden catching up with a few jobs. This little beaten up Vostok is growing on me!
  9. Absolutely beautiful. Really impressed with my Bambino. Thinking of getting the blue handed, cream dial version now
  10. Quite a nice looking watch. Not sure about that text in the chapter ring though
  11. It’s a no for me. But that’s purely because I’m not a fan of chronograph dials. Too busy for my old eyes!
  12. Agreed. Nicely made and very comfortable
  13. Drive around Snowdonia with SWMBO and the little Orient
  14. Gorgeous day at Lake Vyrnwy with SWMBO and Seiko SRP775
  15. Today’s albums included Springsteen - Western Stars Warren Zevon - Excitable Boy Jackson Browne - Solo Acoustic Vol 1 Nick Cave - Abattoir Blues/Lyre Of Orpheus
  16. Saw Lizzy three times. Superb band
  17. Lazy day watching The Open Championship on tv. Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic 38mm
  18. Many thanks. Read a few reviews and all seemed positive. Mine has been fitted with the Seiko rubber strap. But I’m glad you posted yours on an Engineer bracelet as I was thinking of buying one and so it’s good to see how it looks beforehand. Cheers
  19. Can I ask your opinion on the 775 please? Just bought one, should receive it tomorrow. Thanks
  20. Absolutely beautiful Absolutely beautiful
  21. Never used a bezel. But I do like lume. Only to look at mind you. Not for anything useful. Oooooh shiny!
  22. Many thanks for the reply and information. Very helpful. Right now can’t decide between a Tuna, Samurai or a Sumo
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