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  1. F2-D7337-A-28-BD-44-C0-9-D65-F73-EB7-B1-
    Apologies for jumping in. Just ordered this Amphibia 100842 for a first mod project. Only looking to change bezel, insert and put on a strap. 
    Can I ask where people are buying their parts please? I’ve looked on One Second Closer, AM Watches and DLW. 
    Also is it possible to use Seiko bezel and inserts on an Amphibia please? If so which do I look for?

    Cheers in advance 

  2. 7 hours ago, JoT said:

    I have owned both and would say that the 007 has the edge, no handwinding of course, you have to do the 'Seiko shake', but a good looking and very well built watch 

    I had an SKX007J but sold it after 6 months. I liked it but the lack of handwinding was a nuisance. 

  3. 13 hours ago, vadiro said:

    I have one for about 8 years, very happy with it. Last year I have also bought the NY009 "Fugu" Asia Limited Edition.

    Sorry, but I have never had the 007 to compare with.

    Hi and thanks for the reply. Does your 8 year old model have hand winding please?

  4. Afternoon all.

    Have recently been getting more and more interested in older Citizen models. I’m quite keen on getting a 1970’s NY0040. 
    Does anyone here have one (or even a slightly older version), and what are your opinions please.

    How does this model compare with Seiko’s SKX007J? 

    Cheers in advance 

  5. 3 hours ago, mach 0.0013137 said:

    Over to another pair from Jim & Chloe Read....


    NEWGATE SHIP WATCH (Miyota Quartz movement





    NEWGATE  LIBERTY  Watch  (Miyota Quartz movement)





    My daughter worked for Newgate in Oswestry for four years. We have a couple of their wall clocks. 

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  6. 46 minutes ago, AlexC1981 said:

    Hi Yanto,

    It's a TW2R45.  They are made specially for the Japanese market and are a remake of the WW1 Ingersoll Midget watch issued to US soldiers.  Shame it isn't mechanical, but I find the quartz tick not too noticeable on the little subdial.  There is also a cream dialled version.

    I bought mine on eBay and there was a small import fee and charge (about £12 - £20 I think) as it came from Japan.

    Hi Alex

    Many thanks for the information. Appreciate it. I’ll have a look 


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