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  1. Alright. I replaced the crown/stem with a new, stainless steel setup from meranom.com, and the mechanical winding is functioning perfectly now. I'll report back as to the stopping issue, but it seems that I did, in fact, damage the original crown/stem. Thanks everyone for your input!
  2. Thanks, gimli. In that case I may just dive in and see what I can find. And yes--master's degree in harpsichord performance and I've worked in a few shops that build/restore harpsichords and other early keyboard instruments. Watch work is certainly a different scale/precision, but I'm up for giving it a shot.
  3. I'm having two issues with my new Vostok Amphibia. Issue 1: Out of the box, the hand winding feature worked fine, but this only lasted about a day. It can no longer be hand wound, but automatic winding works fine. Issue 2: Any time I reset the time, the watch will stop randomly for a few hours. A simple shake or flick gets it going again, sometimes for only a few seconds, and sometimes for minutes. After a few hours of this, It will work fine and keep good time for weeks at a time. Please advise! Here are some details and my theory: -While in position 2 (winding position), the crown turns easily, but there is no click, and it does not wind the mainspring. When I first hand wound it, the click was present while turning the crown clockwise. -The stopping issue happens even when the watch is fully wound. -I have removed the crown/stem and looked for debris etc. and didn't see anything. However, without removing the movement or doing any more disassembly than that, I had an admittedly limited view. Here's my theory as a layperson. The manual is in Russian, and I did not know that you are not supposed to go from crown position 3 (setting position) to position 2 (winding) and wind the watch manually without first screwing the crown back down to position 1 (I found an English translation of the manual online. I'll paste that section below). I don't specifically remember breaking this rule. I am very careful with hand winding mechanisms and at no point do I remember feeling any resistance while winding that seemed out of place. That said, I'm thinking that perhaps I broke this rule, sheered off something in the internal winding mechanism, and now when I go to set the watch it shakes some of that debris loose, which gets stuck in the movement. Am I crazy? Am I on to something? What's going on? At this point I'd love to use this as an opportunity to learn how to take one of these things apart--these things are too inexpensive to bother with professional repair! Thanks in advance, y'all. Here's that translation of the manual: NOTE: Never go directly from position 3 (the time-setting position) to position 2 (the winding position). Instead screw down to position 1 then proceed to position 2. So after setting the time or date, screw down the cap then go to position 2 to wind it up.
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