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  1. I have an account with Cousins and I am as far from being in the trade as is humanly possible, they have no objections Noj
  2. No problem. Hope you get it sorted but beginning to sound terminal Noj
  3. I have bought a couple of Parnis watches recently and I must say I’m really impressed. It feels so wrong to like them but they look good and appear well made and keep great time and the prices are ridiculous for what you are getting, but somehow you feel it is wrong. It seems reminiscent of when Japanese cars first started appearing on the roads, they were cheap and cheerful if not the best looking cars around but within 20 years they had become market leaders. I think some of the more established names that are in the more budget end of the watch industry need to be careful because one of the Chinese brands will get into the European market in a big way soon and it will be hard to compete with them. Noj
  4. I would say that if you are going to be doing a serious amount of tinkering then Bergeon but if you are talking about tinkering now and again then the ones I suggested earlier are excellent and will last you years Noj
  5. If you can give us an example of the style you are after and a preference as to quartz or mechanical we can give you some better ideas but all the stuff that has been said in the previous posts is spot on. For the money you are looking to spend you can get some amazing watches that will last a lifetime if they are looked after. You have a very lucky “hubby” Noj
  6. I should have said at the beginning that I am not selling these, I am just getting rid of a couple if anyone is doing a mod on a Vostok and fancies one of them. I will post one if anyone wants one and if they pass a charity box and feel like throwing a pound in all the better. If one of the mods reads these and feels it should be in the giveaways section feel free to move it as I should probably have put it there in the first place, apologies. Noj
  7. You are saving for a new watch aren’t you hahahaha Noj
  8. I would say that the only time there is too much lume is when you are being hunted by snipers Noj
  9. Please don’t think me rude but have you watched this to check you are doing it right? Noj
  10. I have over 50 of the bloody things and you have the unmitigated gall to moan about 4 Noj I don’t have a moonphase watch hmmmmmm eBay here I come arghhhhhh Noj
  11. As there seems to be some interest here are some rather rubbish photos, apologies
  12. Great company, I have an account and I am not I. The trade at all. Very highly recommended Noj I have several of these that were recommended by someone on here, they are really good and I would recommend them. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/af-swiss-stainless-steel-18978a Noj
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