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  1. harryblakes - seems you have responded here to a different thread?
  2. Hi! How important is it, if at all, that I have my watch serviced by IWC instead of my local watch repairer, who I have know for many years, works on plenty of luxury watches and is reliable? I have a beautiful Pilot Chrono Le Petit Prince, Steel that needs service. It is out of warranty (Purchased in Juy 16) I am not the original owner. It is running slow - about 20 secs, and does from time to time stop. He can get it done for me in a week and a half, for about 550.00 IWC I believe is several months and about 670 I think? Does IWC do anything in their standard service that would not be included with my local guy? Does having it serviced by IWC add to the value of the watch? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks! Jon
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