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  1. Depends what you like to take images of. I've never really done the middle ground with Canon as I started with a 750D and went to 5D Mark IV. The 6D Mark II is nice for the price but that limits you on glass unless you want to do something like portrait, in which case you can get a really nice Sigma prime within the budget, or worst case slightly over. But the Sigma Art lenses are INCREDIBLE for the price.
  2. Hi all, Love the feeling of leather straps but also love the Grand Seiko SBGA211G. Would I have any issues fitting a leather strap with it? Also any suggestions appreciated!
  3. This is a first for me. I'm up a little earlier than usual so I thought I'd set my watch, wind it and set it aside for when I leave for work. I noticed I'd set it 5 minutes fast, went to adjust the time but can't. When I try, the cogs just spin and nothing happens. It's a skeleton face watch so I can see that much. Is it possible that the watch needs to expend more energy before allowing me to change the time? Or is it likely something has popped out of alignment? I've never had this problem before and the watch is only 3 months old. It's a Rotary GS90506/06. Thanks! Also to note, when I unscrew the crown and pull it out, it does not stop the watch.
  4. Are they still on sale? I will have to take a trip tomorrow :o
  5. Really attractive watch. I haven't found any secondhand and it's £320 new, so may just take the chance.
  6. Yes. I believe the original company was bought by another and now it's all made in China.
  7. That's what I feared. Visually they're some stunning watches at an appealing price point, too.
  8. Evening all, I turned 30 yesterday and I went out for a meal with work colleagues but sat with a few whiskies myself when I got home and lost myself in thought on a lot of subjects. One thing I considered was how fortunate I was to be born when I was. It seems I was around the age where model kits, model trains and that sort of thing still had quite a presence in both adult and youth life to the point there were still shops in major retail areas of city centres and the like. It was something I did with my Dad and really enjoyed the thought provoking process of understanding and having things explained to me about mechanics and that sort of thing. Anyway, I guess I've developed a love for all things mechanical over time stemming from my childhood, so when I get to see the inner workings of a watch either with its case off or a skeleton watch, it's very therapeutic and relaxing, not to mention awe-inspiring, to watch so many tiny pieces working in harmony, each with a specific purpose and part to play. I'd really love a tourbillon some day, but we'll see what the future holds financially before I can justify that. So, have at it, show me some of your favourites whether they're in your collection or an admired piece you don't own. Cheers!
  9. Evening all, I've been looking at Ingersoll lately and really enjoying their designs. I'd love to pick up a couple but the 'made in China' seems to be a sore point for a lot of would-be buyers. Does anyone here have experience of them and their build quality and reliability? Thanks!
  10. No I mean the hands of the watch moving It's hard to judge because unless perfectly timed, even a 1 second exposure may still show slight movement of the hand(s) on the watch. Flash will help get more light in so you can have a fast shutter speed How are you getting on with it so far?
  11. Hi all, So it's getting to that time of year where it's getting cooler again. For the life of me I struggle to keep my bedroom at a decent temperature unless I have the heating on all day. My concern is that it may cause damage to my watches. I've had issues with damp before in the room with the radiator being below the window. They're stored in a display case and I have lots of little silica gel packs beneath the cushions, but even so, I'm a bit concerned. My watches are all either stainless steel or gold plated, or a combination of the two. Should I worry?
  12. You can get a cheap little softbox for them on Amazon or eBay too. It helps diffuse the light and really helps give good quality light in situations like this where you're basically doing product photography. It will definitely help keep your ISO down as you can't really have a slower shutter speed because you'd get blurring with the hands.
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