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  1. Robert Hooke interesting fellow @Jet Jetski polymath... Was trying to find the post on here about Robert Hooke "inventor of the balance spring" but found @Karrusel 's post which mentions it briefly ... Was a more in depth discussion of it on TWF somewhere @Jet JetskiJetski but couldn't find it
  2. Also ... If a wavelength is stretched does it affect the colour ?
  3. My dear @Jet Jetski ... After scrutinizing your post for "any camp double entendres"... The only one I could "come up with" ... was "turn with the palm of your hand in a wet glove"... So my conclusion .... You are either "gay ... bi-sexual ... lesbian ... transgender ... straight ... or a scientist " ... or any combinations of the above ... As one who often pondered the physics of elasticity in the 1980s whilst pulling at my rainbow "Mork and Mindy" braces I understand ... (I think ?)... Either way ... nice watch ...nice strap ... Ps ... I thought (or was taught) it was .... Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain ? Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet ?
  4. Well IMHO .... RARE .... is a term applied to steak and the way it is cooked and served .... whereas SCARCE ..... applies to the availability of beef within the market ..... let me digress ..... take poker for example ..... there are a fixed No. of cards within a deck .... aces are scarce .... (only 4 per deck) .... but if you are dealt pocket aces then that's a RARE occurrence.... how you play your cards determines the value of the rarity of your hand .... however .... there will only ever be 4 aces in the deck ..... they are scarce ..... When more decks are added to the equation ..... the scarcity of the aces is decreased .... but the chances of being dealt 2 of them in the same hand .... remains the same .... still a rare occurrence ..... The amount of times i see Mu Du watches described as "rare" on ebay ..... makes me chuckle.... nearly every one has a different styled face matched with a different movement .... so each one is RARE .... but not SCARCE ..... merely the result of "a good shuffle" ..... Jamie Vardy is a RARE talent @scottswatches but if goals are scarce ..... is it the fault of the player or the manager
  5. Can't beat M+S @yokel love the watch
  6. I like your shirt @yokel ...watch I like more...
  7. @WRENCH has a large collection of Russian watches that he wears on trips to "Dear 'ol Glesci Toon"... to avoid "the malky" .... may be an idea to take out insurance on yer speedmaster to compensate for the odd jealous glance... If you plan to take it ... or you could blend in and buy a 1/2 decent vintage Russian watch for each time zone you pass through ... (Probly for the same price as the premium)... As long as you don't strap a Fabergé egg timer to your wrist .... You should be ok @Daveyboyz
  8. Is "Newmark" still a British concern? @relaxer7 ..... have seen a few vintage "Newmark" watches with "made in England" on them? Am presuming yours is contemporary? Still wearing this.... is keeping great time
  9. Beautiful watch @dougal74 love the Bauhaus styling.... Cost a few bob no doubt? I'd go for a plain leather matt strap ...
  10. Well "the value" of an auctioned item is only worth what two bidders are prepared to pay ...... and you would imagine the bidder and under bidder had researched the lot if they were prepared to go to £4000 (like @scottswatches did) I wonder what would have happened to the hammer price on the "Banksy Artwork"... had it shredded before the the hammer went down ..... They reckon it's worth twice as much as the hammer price now.... so the winning bidder kept it ..... don't quite know what would happen should it go under the hammer again ? .... if it shredded again would it be worth more?
  11. Well I had wanted a Seiko 5 for a while .... @Cyclops930 .... Went to R.L.T. looking for (in hope)... There may be the same watch as I entered a raffle to win couple of months back... alas no... but am chuffed to bits with this... Hesitated for a day before I bought it.... But after reading quite a few reviews of this model ... SNK 803 K2.... Couldn't find a bad word about it ... also had the kind of strap I would have changed it to .... And arrived in pristine condition... Great price.... Sorry I'm rubbing your nose in it now lol ... Well chuffed though
  12. unfortunately most of my watches lie firmly beneath the £125 threshold @Jet Jetski lol ..... but here are some of bargains i picked up below £25 on ebay bought minus bezel (£17) found bezel on ebay (£5) bezel fitted and a MuDu (AS 1700 30 jewel movement)
  13. cheers @Roy love it. hooray flikr worked today
  14. would agree that 37mm seems "the perfect size" ... @scottswatches .... (for my wrist at least) ..... just bought a seiko 5 from R.L.T. (37mm) .... and the proportions (don't know if it has something to do with "the golden mean" or the "fibonacci sequence).... but it just seems just right ..... (although having had the @Davey P inspired "fat face" watch glued to my wrist for the past 2 months it did appear a little small at first lol) ..... that said ..... most of my largely vintage watches have a diameter of about 32mm ..... and a couple of 1930s "ralco" watches ..... which although "small and beautiful" (28mm) .... they do look tiny on the wrist ralco (small but beautiful) looks tiny on wrist @Davey P number "mr fat wrists" .... beware he who can "sport the helm" "JUST RIGHT" ...... in the "PORRIDGE" sequence
  15. Interesting article @WRENCH .... Is yours the "rare one " with alpinist in red on the dial ? .... Wonder why Seiko named the range "alpinist" and not "fujiist" if it was aimed at Japanese mountain climbers? ... Did they make a "sub brand" for the Scottish market called the "Trossachist"?.... Nice looking watch though...
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